Mario and friends are back for an all-new 2.5D adventure. Help Mario find the 8 crystals of power and stop Bowser's evil plans to use the Neo Crystals to become super-powerful! Even though it is a sidescroller, it features 3D cutscenes.


One day Bowser is brooding on is airship, thinking of new plans to destroy Mario. Suddenly, Kamek appears to him in a state of panic, warning that one of the ship’s Koopa lackeys accidentally dropped a Bullet Bill into the ship’s main power core. Without warning, the airship exploded, and Bowser and Kamek took of like rockets. They ended up on the dark side of the Mushroom Planet’s moon. Bowser started yelling at Kamek, but then something shiny caught his eye. He walked over to it and grabbed it. It was a strange multi-colored crystal. As he looked at it, he felt himself surge with newfound power. Feeling confident, he punched the massive boulder where the crystal had jutted out from, and it instanly exploded. He felt good about that, and it only got better. By punching that boulder, he revealed a MASSIVE hoard of crystals, which he dubbed, Neo Crystals. he immediately ordered Kamek to start gathering up the crystals to bring back to his castle. But then he noticed something giving off an even bigger glow than the others. Oh, and it was bigger. He realized that this was a source of unlimited power. With that he dubbed this crystal, the GIGA NEO CRYSTAL! He began working to create a hideout in his Lunar Crystal Gorge. He wanted to create a power-enhancing device that could transfer the power of the Ultra Neo Crystal into his own body. But that would take time, and he wanted to pummel Mario as soon as he could. With that he began his master plan.

It was a peaceful at the gates of Princess Peach’s Castle. Peach, the Mario Bros, Toad, and Yoshi, were heading out for a picnic. Mario let out a sigh of relief as he finally had a day to relax without Bowser coming and taking tha princess. He spoke too soon, for Bowser’s new airship came out of nowhere and hovered above them. Bowser appeared at the ship’s bow proudly announced the Ultra Neo Crystal. Bowser stated that it was the only thing that could defeat him (Bowser). Yoshi then decided to try and grab it but Bowser swatted him away which caused Yoshi to fly far away. And withsamirk on his face, Bowser crushed the crystal with his newfound strength. It split into eight different colored shards and flew to the far corners of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser then let out a taunting cackle and in a flash of light, Bowser and the airship vanished. Mario then decided to find these eight shards and use them to defeat Bowser. Toadsworth walked out of the castle and revealed a strange white crystal that fell on his head during his daily stroll through the garden. This was the Light Diamond. As Toadsworth handed the crystal to Mario, the crystal started to shake. Then the crystal floated and projected a holographic map. It showed seven areas in the Mushroom Kingdom, each with a crystal. The Nature Emerald was in Mushroom Village, the Ocean Topaz had landed near Seabreeze Shore, the Sand Garnet had nestled itself in Dry Desert Dunes, the Ice Cobalt hat crashed in Glacier Plateau, the Poison Amethyst fell into Deep Dark Jungle, the Fire Ruby landed Molten Magma Mountains, and the Sky Sapphire had rocketed up to Neo-Sky City. And with that, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad set off on a new adventure to find the crystals.


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Super Mario: Crystal Chaos/Soundtrack


World 1: Mushroom Village

  • 1-1: Castle Gardens
  • 1-2: Piranha Plant Plains
  • 1-3: Village Entry Gate
  • 1-4: Deepwater Pond
  • 1-5: Mushroom Town Square
  • 1-F: Petey Piranha's Vine Fort
  • 1-B: Wendy's Battle Copter

World 2: Seabreeze Shore

  • 2-1: Mossy Mangroves
  • 2-2: Huckit Crab Coast
  • 2-3: Great Geyser Falls
  • 2-4: Dragoneel Docks
  • 2-5: Cheep Cheep Reef
  • 2-F: Boss Bass's Flooded Fort
  • 2-B: Lemmy's Torpedo Sub

World 3: Dry Desert Dunes

  • 3-1: Pokey Sandspouts
  • 3-2: Sandstorm Airway
  • 3-3: Chain Chomp Ruins
  • 3-4: Shifty Sand Temple
  • 3-5: Palm Tree Oasis
  • 3-6: Quicksand Sinkholes
  • 3-F: Eyerok's Pyramid Fort
  • 3-B: Morton's Bullet Tank

World 4: Glacier Plateau

  • 4-1: Snowdrift Cliffs
  • 4-2: Snow Spike Fields
  • 4-3: Iceberg Heights
  • 4-4: Icicle Caves
  • 4-5: Freezie Tundra
  • 4-6: Chilly Water Lake
  • 4-F: Ty-Foo's Blizzard Fort
  • 4-B: Iggy's Ice Crawler

World 5: Deep Dark Jungle

  • 5-1: Blooper River Springs
  • 5-2: Tropical Treeway
  • 5-3: Beezo Honeyhive
  • 5-4: Wiggler Floodlands
  • 5-5: Purple Poison Bog
  • 5-6: Spooky Slime Swamp
  • 5-F: King Boo's Eerie Fort
  • 5-B: Ludwig's Banzai Jet

World 6: Molten Magma Mountains

  • 6-1: Cliffside Cave
  • 6-2: Bullet Bill Bluffs
  • 6-3: Piranha Pipeline Sewer
  • 6-4: Flaming Lava Lake
  • 6-5: Monolift Mountain
  • 6-6: Gushing Lava Geysers
  • 6-7: Magma-Rise Volcano
  • 6-F: Magmaaragon's Lava Rock Fort
  • 6-B: Roy's Pipe Melee-Mech

World 7: Neo-Sky City

  • 7-1: Neo Streetlights
  • 7-2: Twilight Skyline
  • 7-3: Cloudtop Highway
  • 7-4: Para-Beetle Path
  • 7-5: Pipeworks Plaza
  • 7-6: Skyscraper Speedway
  • 7-7: Rumble Rooftop
  • 7-F: Turbo Titans' Raceway Fort
  • 7-B: Larry's Ravage Racer

World 8: Bowser's Crystal Carnival

  • 8-1: Electro-Rainbow Gateway
  • 8-2: Koopa Clown Ferris Wheel
  • 8-3: Tricky Trap Boo House
  • 8-4: Meteor Crash Coaster
  • 8-B1: Kamek's Magic Carpet
  • 8-5: Crystal Mine Factory
  • 8-6: Dino Rino Cavern
  • 8-7: Dry Bones Labyrinth
  • 8-8: Neo Crystal Nest
  • 8-F: Crystal King's Illusion Fort
  • 8-B2: Bowser Jr.'s Koopa Claw Car
  • 8-K: Bowser's Neo Showdown