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Super Mario: Cobalt Crystal Chronicles is an upcoming RPG starring Mario being release for the Nintendo DS. When announced, the game was titled "Super Mario: Quest for the Cobalt Stones", and that name will continue to be used in Asia and Europe, likewise, the items in the game are referred to as "Cobalt Stones", instead of "Cobalt Crystals" outside of north america.



Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Toadsworth, among people from many other countries have been invited to a party in the foreign country of Jellynut, being held by the king and queen of Jellynut themselves. On arriving, they are told that they have arrived a day early due to a misprint in the invitation, and offer them rooms in the castle to stay in for the night. Late that night, Mario is awoken by an airship flying over the castle, from which a swarm of pirates dropped down. In the confusion, they had kidnapped Princess Peach, and Luigi was nowhere to be found.

After some panicking, Mario and Toadsworth finally got the king to say something he had not been able to admit during the party, that the entire country had been fighting a circle of dark magicians and pirates called "Ranshii" who had a grudge against the royal family, and threatened many times to kidnap their daughter, Princess Kaju. Coincidentally, Kaju and Peach look nearly identical, and Peach was kidnapped instead. The King, Mario, and Toadsworth get into the Jellynut kingdom's fastest airship to follow Ranshii.

After a whole day of chasing the Ranshii, Mario's party is forced to land in the small town of Juicetree due to a storm. When they awaken, they find that the townspeople have stolen the engine of their airship, saying that they don't want travelers there, and to get lost, which they can't do because the only way out of the town is up a cliff, which is impossible to climb right after a storm. To convince the townspeople to fix their airship, Mario's party has to fight the town's current "king", King Almondton, who has been greedily ruling the town for 30 years.


The game will feature a collection of characters both new and that have appeared in previous Mario games. Special Moves on this table are listed by the type of special move they are, as special moves change whenever the character levels them up, but they won't stray far from the type of special move they are, although some are looser than others.


Name Group Homeland Description Special Moves
Mario Mario's Party Mushroom Kingdom The main hero and playable character of the game. Air (Jump) move
Weapon (Hammer) move
Magic (Elemental) move
Toadsworth Mario's Party Mushroom Kingdom The first member of Mario's party. Weapon move
Weapon (Blade) move
Weapon (Firearm) move

Special Moves

Each character has a line up of three special moves, which over the course of the game can be leveled up into more powerful forms twice, making each character technically get nine different special moves over the course of the game. To level up your special moves, you have to get experience points from battles, which can be saved up to buy things from more HP to, of course, special move level ups.

Scroll over the names of the special moves to learn about their effects, and action commands.

Character Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Mario Jump Ground Pound Air Blast


Pyro Hammer Atom Smasher
Fireball Flame Smash Star Storm


Axe Scythe
Sword Cleaver Chainsaw
Revolver Sniper Bazooka

Friendly Characters

Name Group Homeland Description
Princess Kaju Jellynut Government Jellynut Kingdom A rather spoiled young princess. From a young age she's been expected to marry and take over the kingdom when she grows up, but she finds such an idea "completely absurd". Despite a usual complete lack of responsibility, she feels sorry for Princess Peach being kidnapped, and considers it her fault.
Jellynut King Jellynut Government Jellynut Kingdom The aging ruler of the Jellynut Kingdom, his wife and Kaju's mother died years before the game takes place, which is somehow related to Ranshii holding a grudge against the kingdom. After his wife died, he feels that he must protect Kaju, and is generally rather over protective of her, much to her dismay.

Enemy Characters

Name Group Homeland Description
Captain Blackcross Ranshii Jellynut Kingdom The leader of Ranshii, a powerful dark magician who holds a grudge against the Jellynut Kingdom. He is very tall, and wears a red cape and mask whenever he appears, but other members of Ranshii seem to know what his face looks like, and the Jellynut King possesses a photo of him without his mask on, but the photo is very old and probably not very accurate anymore.




Despite the fact that Super Mario: Cobalt Crystal Chronicles is technically an RPG, the game's camera is set behind the player, similar to the camera in Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine. However, the camera will usually move itself to adapt to new areas, much like Super Mario Galaxy's camera, to prevent the camera getting stuck behind building and such when in town/city areas.


While in the overworld, all of the characters in your party will walk with you, and can be controlled similar to Pikmin in the Pikmin series, to do things that Mario can't. Moving the partners is done using the map on the touch screen(which can also be used to control Mario, if one prefers it).



In battle, the camera is to the side and above the characters, making it look similar to the battles in the Mario & Luigi series, except for the fact that all the characters and the backgrounds are rendered in full 3D. To make use of the 3D battlefields, during some high level attacks the camera will zoom in on the character to make action commands easier, and when entering a battle the camera spins around the battlefield to help the player get an idea of the area their in, which is very useful in the game because attacks may have different attacks in different battlefields, for example in an underwater battlefield, a electric attack would simply give 1 HP of damage to ever character in the battlefield.


While in battle, all of Mario's partners are present in the battlefield, but every turn only one character from each side can make a move. If the player's(or enemy's) move is using an item or such, they will be allowed to have another character in their party make a move as long as the item used was not an attack item.


During battle, there are all the usual "points" that are including in Mario RPGs, "HP"(Health Points, or Heart Points), "MP"(usually FP for Flower Points, in this game MP for Magic Points), and "BP"(for Badge Points). Items can use and take HP and MP as in most games, but unlike in other games such as Paper Mario, BP work like the other two, and Badges that would use MP use BP. When the player starts the game, they have 10 HP, 5 BP, and 5 MP. Possibly notable(or possible obvious) is that only moves that are "magic" use any MP, so any hammer or jump moves don't use them.

Another type of points in the game are EP(for Experience Points), which the player gets after finishing battles, or can buy them occasionally. Instead of things automatically getting leveled up when the player gets a certain amount of EP, EP are used like coins, and when a player gets enough they'll be notified and they can buy level ups, maxed out points, trade the EP in for coins, etc using them. EP can be used to get things in the EP Shop(found in the pause menu), or can be used at some shops(including badge shops).


Name Effect Price
Mushroom +4 HP 4 coins
Brick Block -4 HP 5 coins
Starman Makes characters who come in contact with user get -1 HP 12 coins
Fire Flower +4 MP 6 coins
Feather +4 BP 8 coins
Super Starman Makes characters who come in contact with user get -1 HP, the user also takes no damage 18 coins

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