Super Mario: Chrono Chaos
Super Mario Chrono Chaos
2 Generations of Mario and Bowser Join the Current Timeline, what will happen?
Developer(s) Nintendo, AlphaDream, Vanpool, SquareEnix
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo eXtreme, Nintendo QS
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Super Mario
Predecessor None
Successor TBA



The Mushroom Kingdom was enjoying it's peace, Dinosaur Land was staying Peaceful aswell, and The Land of the Koopas were plotting something, though while that occured; 1 Portal appears in Marios House and Bowser's Castle. Mario and Luigi returned home to find a portal in their house, they got confused until two fimiliar people popped out. They looked like Mario and Luigi, but a little older. The Future Mario said "Hello-a, it's a me! Mario, you from the future." Future Luigi Nodded. Mario and Luigi asked them why they were here, and they told them that the Bowser and Bowser Junior from their timeline went here. Meanwhile, in Bowsers Castle. The Koopa's tell Bowser and Bowser Jr. of strange sights of a portal. They proceed to check it out, when they did two figured popped out. One was Teen Bowser Junior, and the other was an Older Bowser. Bowser and Junior looked in confusion. Bowser asked "Who are you guys?", Future Bowser replied; "I'm you from the future, and this here is Bowser Junior, as a teen." Bowser Junior quickly replied, "Number one, what're you guys doing here, and number two, what happend to my bandana scarf-thing?" Future Bowser replied to his first question; "We're here, because we decided it'd be easier to get rid of Mario if we killed him in the past teaming with ourselves." Bowser replied; "Well, you certainly do think like me, huehuehue." And Teen Bowser Junior replied to the second question; "Oh uh yeah, over the years it started ripping up."

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