Super Mario: Capture Quest
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS system family, Wii U.
Unlike the last failed attempt, this follows in the main formula of Pokémon, with a few differences. It may not be totally original, but then again, what is these days?
Developer's Note

Super Mario: Capture Quest is a spinoff title of the mainstream Super Mario series.


When Mario gets blasted out of the castle during Bowser's latest kidnapping attempt, he ended up landing in the one town on the very edge of the Mushroom Kingdom. A group of Toads there have developed a way to train and evolve a lot of Bowser's faithful goons and make them fight for good; with a few special capture cages, Mario sets out to defeat Bowser with the strongest possible team made.


This primarily has the main Pokémon formula, with physical and special attacks, (mostly) Pokémon moves, and such. The limit on how many creatures you can carry, however, is a maximum of 6 creatures at once.

(More to be added)


Name Landmarks Bio
Mushroom Plains
  • Toad Town: The starting town, this is where Mario's adventure begins and he gets his basic Goon starter to get going on his new adventure.
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Peach's Castle
  • Bowser's Circle's HQ: Bowser's Elite stand guard here to prevent anyone from reaching him while he holds Peach hostage. They're the best of the best when it comes to training Goons, so you better be well-trained before you challenge it. But then, there IS Bowser....


See Goon Record for full list.


To Be Added

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