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Super Mario Bubble-Pop Bazar
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii, Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Media Included Wii Optical Disk, N3DS Card

Super Mario: Bubble-Pop Bazar (japan: スーパーマリオ:バブルポップバザール) is a canceled game for the Wii and N3DS made by GreenStar Studios. It's a puzzle-game with bubbles like Pozzle Bobble series from Taiko. But is not copyrighted. You can throw items, make special moves, get bonuses and more to explose the colored bubbles easy. But it's canceled because there was an upcoming game like this game.

Playable Characters

Story Mode

On Story Mode, it's only like a game marathon to the final level (Bowser's Castle)with bonuses and items.

Other confirmed characters

These charcaters appeared in the game.


Name: Modes: Description:
Green Shell All (Single Mode, Multiplayer Mode, WFC) He goes straight to above to explode the bubbles, then he crash on the wall.
Red Shell All More like Green Shell but he touches 1 time on the wall and then he crash.
Golden Shell All More like these shells but he touches 2 times on the wall.
Super Star All Your player is invincible for awhille and their are 10 laser lunchers. If you click on A-

button few times, their apears laserballs to explode the bubbles.

Boo All In Single Mode, Boo gives a another bubble to launch. In Multiplayer Mode, WFC, he steal the bubble from the other player and then he gives you.
Tail Thwomp All
Mushroom All Your bubblelauncher can be 2x faster.
Bob-omb All He explode self to explode the bubbles if you launch with the bubblelauncher.
Multicolor Story Mode All the bubbles transoform to rainbow bubbles. If you launch a bubble, the rainbow bubbles dispears into a normal bubbles.


There's a space stage as a E3 demo. They appears rockets and shoting stars.




[1]: This is the music when you use a Super Star. (From MP6)

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