Super Mario: Bowser's Biggest Wrath is a 3DS game which is one of the sequels to Super Mario 3D Land.


Bowser's back, and now he's making things even worse than before... Furious for losing to Mario again, Bowser calls upon the Koopalings to steal all the Power-Ups, Yoshi Eggs and kidnap Princess Peach and all the Toads, then sends them and Kamek to their own airships. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Wario (he came here only for the Power-Ups) are looking at how beautiful the Power-Up Trees are. Just then, two packages (one large, one small) arrived. Before Mario could open it, Bowser Jr pops out of the smaller package, while the rest of the Koopalings pop out of the bigger one. The Koopalings then steal all the Power-Ups from the trees, Mario tries to stop them, but Kamek arrives and kidnaps Princess Peach, bringing her to one of the airships. After the mess, Mario and Luigi had been tied into one of the plucked Power-Up trees by the Koopalings, who had stolen all of the Power-Ups. Mario manages to break the rope, but he realized that the Yoshi Eggs also has been stolen! Meanwhile, Bowser is seen using the stolen Power-Ups on his army so he could defeat Mario easily. So, Mario and Luigi must defeat the Koopa army once and for all. Willl they ever suceed?








Princess Peach




Bowser Jr.




Dry Bower Jr (special worlds only)

Dry Koopalings (special worlds only)

Dry Bowser (special worlds only)


Fire Flower (after beating Larry Koopa)

Hammer Suit (after beating Morton Koopa Jr.)

Tanooki Suit (after beating Wendy O. Koopa)

Cape Feather (after beating Iggy Koopa)

Boomerang Flower (after beating Roy Koopa)

Penguin Suit (after beating Lemmy Koopa)

Propeller Suit (after beating Ludwig von Koopa)


World 1 - Fresh Plains

While passing there, Toadworth informs the heroes that the Toads had been brainwashed by Bowser and they are turned against Mario, believing that Mario is their true enemy after Bowser tricks them. This world has 6 levels, and the main boss is Larry Koopa, who has stolen all the Fire Flowers, while the minor boss is Goomboss. Mario must fight him twice, however, because the first time, Larry uses his wand, and the second time, he uses the stolen Fire Flower on himself, allowing him to breathe even bigger fire. Once defeated, he will retreat back to Bowser's Castle, dropping the Fire Flower and the Red Yoshi Egg.

World 2 - Sarasaland

When the heroes reach Sarasaland, Morton Koopa Jr. has hired Tatanga to kidnap Princess Daisy as a hostage, and caused trouble for the King. This world has 8 levels. While fighting Morton for the first time, he uses his wand, while the second time, Kamek turns Morton into a giant with his magic, allowing him to kill Mario instantly. Once defeated, Morton will drop the Hammer Suit and the Yellow Yoshi Egg. Before the second fight with Morton, you must face Tatanga.

World 3 - Delfino Plaza

After they reach Delfino Plaza to take a rest for a while, some Piantas appear, telling them that Wendy O. Koopa and Petey Piranha has caused a mess in the plaza. Mario has to stop Wendy from shooting magic at him, and for the second time, the water level rises, preventing Mario to stomp on Wendy. Once Wendy was defeated, she will drop the Tanooki Suit and the Blue Yoshi Egg.

World 4 - DK's Jungle

When Mario comes to DK's Jungle, Donkey Kong tells him that Iggy Koopa has teamed up with King K. Rool to kidnap Pauline, and steal all his bananas. In order to save Pauline, Mario has to fight Iggy with his wand, and before fighting him for the second time, Mario has to conquer King K. Rool, who stolen all of DK's bananas. During the second fight with Iggy, Iggy uses a giant machine to fire missles at Mario. Once he was defeated, he will quickly retreat back to Bowser's Castle, and drop the Cape Feather and the Cyan Yoshi Egg.

World 5 - Neon City

When the bros go to the city, they met Wario and Waluigi there, grumbling about something. Wario tells Mario that Roy Koopa and Captain Syrup has stolen all of his treasure. While fighting Roy for the first time, Mario must stomp on Roy four times, and for the second time, Roy will sometimes jump on Captain Syrup's pirate ship and shoot cannons at Mario. Once he was defeated, he will retreat and drop Boomerang Flower and the Pink Yoshi Egg, and Wario will join the gang.

World 6 - Snow Mountain

While Mario and the gang walks up to the mountain, they find Tuxie's mother crying. She tells them that Lemmy Koopa and Chill Bully has taken her daughter prisoner. During the first fight, Mario must dodge Lemmy's balls and stomp on his head. Next, they had to fight Lemmy Koopa with Chill Bully. After Lemmy was defeated, he will drop the Penguin Suit and the White Yoshi Egg.

World 7 - Cloud Land

After Mario climbs to the clouds, they find Ludwig von Koopa and Giga Lakitu causing trouble for the Mushroom Kingdom by sending lightning strikes on them. While conquering Ludwig for the first time, Ludwig uses his wand, and for the second time, he uses a lightning cloud with Giga Lakitu helping him. After he gets defeated, he will drop the Propeller Suit and the Black Yoshi Egg.

World 8 - Volcano of Bowser

This is it! Bowser's Castle! Mario and his friends reach there to save Princess Peach, but the Koopalings, who were previously defeated, show up again. This time, they used their combined powers of their wands to fight Mario. After they get defeated again, they will retreat to Bowser's castle. Mario then has to conquer with Bowser, who will chase and try to defeat him with the help of the Koopalings, but Mario stomps on the Bowser button, causing Bowser and his children to fall into the lava. After that, Princess Peach is saved and the Mushroom World is in peace once again, but not total peace....

Special Worlds

Special Worlds 1-8

After Princess Peach was rescued, Mario recieves a letter from Rosalina, telling him that Dry Bowser and his children rose up from the lava pool and start causing havoc again. Before Mario can fight Dry Bowser for the first time, he must fight the skeletal versions of the Koopalings, who were also burned by the lava in the flesh. After Dry Ludwig was defeated, Dry Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach, again.

World 9

Mario and the gang ran to the Rainbow World, also finding out that Rosalina has been captured by Dry Bowser too. After Mario defeats Dry Bowser, Kamek shows up, and puts magic on the Koopalings, Bowser Jr and Bowser, causing them to fuse into one, great, big, Giant Monster called Extreme Giga Bowser. However, Mario cannot beat Extreme Giga Bowser, and he himself got defeated instead. Luckily, Luigi found the key to free Rosalina and Peach. Peach then tells everyone to encourage Mario to defeat the fused monster. With all of his friends' encouragement and power, Mario suddenly glows, and becomes a miraclous, shining, and even more stronger version of himself called Superior Mario. Despite Extreme Giga Bowser being stronger, Superior Mario managed to defeat him, causing all the seperated bodies to fall into the lava pit, again. Mario and his friends the ncelebrate the defeat of Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom. After the credits, Bowser comes out of the lava, roaring that he will defeat Mario again.


  • Like New Super Mario Bros Wii, the Koopalings must be fought twice, but more than twice this time.

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