Super Mario: A Mario Between Worlds is A Game developed by Hal Laboratory INC And Published by Nintendo.

In this game you will get a diamond to travel through Worlds!

A MARIO Between Worlds


Platforms: 3DS and Probably Wii U

Developers: Hal Laboratory, Ubisoft and Published by Nintendo

Release Dates: 6/20/2049

Genres: Action, Adventure

Ratings: E + 10

Modes: VS, Online, Story

   Story Versions: Principal (Mario), Advanced (Link), Profrikigamers (Samus).


There are three story modes in A Mario Between Worlds. Which are:

Principal: Starting with mario world, then Zelda's, Then Metroid's, Then Kirby, Then Donkey Kong, and the ending one: Super Smash Bros.

Advanced: Starting in Zelda's world, then Kirby, Then Metroid, Then Donkey, Then Mario and Finally Smash Bros.

Profrikigamers: The one for pros. Starting with Metroid's world, then Donkey Kong, then Mario, Then... a new one called Dark World, Then Kirby, and finally SUPER SMASH BROS.


Starting with the mario brother in their home, luigi is eating, mario receives an message from peach? and goes. He sees the castle empty. We can see Dark Bowser behind the windows, when we never think he kicks mario to an unknown place of Mushroom Kingdom, while Dark Bowser has princess peach. Mario finds a diamond and takes it with him, maybe it would help in the future.

World 1 Mario World:

World 1-1: Cruel World cruel starting.

World 1-2: Miniboss; Dark King Goomba

World 1-3: Misterious Guest

World 1-4: Dark Bowser's Possessed Castle (Princess Peach Castle)

When we beat Dark Bowser we get to a strange portal made by the diamond, it seems green with a powerful darkness. Mario being the curious person he is, he enters. We see the Green Guy of before. He can't talk as mario, but at least he sounds. Mario understands He's name is Link.

World 2 Hyrule:

World 2-1: The guy with green clothes.

World 2-2: Master Sword's oppossite (Miniboss Phantom Ganon)

World 2-3: The Misterious... Woman?

World 2-4: Ganondorf's Arrival

Ganondorf opens a portal and escapes, who cares what does that means. Link and Mario go through the other portal made by diamond and see the Woman, or man who knows of before. She can talk and says her name is Samus. Link, Mario and Samus Walk through Zebes.

World 3 Zebes:

World 3-1: Woman, man or mistery?

World 3-2: The Purple Dragon (Miniboss Ridley)

World 3-3: Cute Pink ball!

World 3-4: Mother Brain's Misterious Lab

After beating mother brain, Ganon appears from a portal and takes her, again who cares. The group goes through the portal made by the diamond and see the pink ball of before. She or he says her name is kirby. They all walk through Dreamland.

World 4 Dreamland:

World 4-1: He Sucks Everything

World 4-2: Metaknight's Halberd (Miniboss Metaknight)

World 4-3: I think I know that gorilla

World 4-4: King Dedede's Colossal Machine

King Dedede is defeated and throws himself to a portal, WHO CARES. Mario and company go to the portal made by the diamond and see Donkey Kong. They socialize and go to KongLand.

World 5 KongLand:

World 5-1: Donkey Kong... So many memories.

World 5-2: Tiki Tiki! (Miniboss the Tikis)

World 5-3: Gosh what's up with that hand?

World 5-4: K.Rool In his ultimate form (I know that sounds pathetic)

K. Rool in his Pirate form, sucks a bullet and throws it at the sky. A portal is opened and K. Rool enters. The group goes with K. Rool.

Ending World Smash Bros:

World 6-1: Master Hand and the right (1 boss) 

World 6-2: Crazy Hand and the left (2 boss)

World 6-3: End is Near 

After Ending 6-3 we enter to a place where the previous bosses are there. They all mix and Become... Tabuu?!

World 6-4: Tabuu's Subspace of Doom

We go to the mirror where Tabuu lives and we fight with him. When battle ends, he is beating the group, but just before he attacks, Bowser (the original) appears and then he Defeats him. Tabuu explodes and all realities become normal again. But Bowser knows his dark counterpart is somewhere. Diamond opens a portal back to Mushroom Kingdom

Ending Battle:

When we think everything is normal, Dark Bowser appears behind the heroes. He starts attacking. Bowser appears and stomps Dark Bowser. They start a battle where you control (obviously) Bowser.

World ?-?: Dark Bowser's Revenge (Short Battle)

Dark Bowser is finally defeated. He explodes in dark peaces, Then game asks you if go to next level. It means Advanced.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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