Super Mario: 3D Land 2

(not to be confused with Super Mario 3D Land 2.) Super Mario 3D Land 2 is the upcoming sequel to Super Mario 3D Land. It features and all new minigame mode and 18 new worlds to explore, the world maps are now like New Super Mario Bros, but more well designed like New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


The Big Beginning

Mario and Luigi arrive at Peaches Castle, to celebrate the fall of the Tanooki Leaves on the Tanooki Tree, however, Bowser and the Koopalings arrive in their Airships and suck all the leaves, and also use a Koopa Klaw to grab Peach and take her away, but the machine that sucked in the leaves suddenly exploded, knocking out the Koopalings, and also scattering the leaves throughout many lands. Now it's up to Mario and Luigi to save Peach once again!


The gameplay is the exact same as its prequel, A/B to Jump, Y/X to run, L/R to Duck, Control Pad Left/Right to change view, Control Pad Up/Down to change 3D Depth, and of course, the analog to move. You can hold A to make Tanooki Mario hover.

Playable Characters




Mario NSMB2


Mario jumps in again with his great skills, he's going to take down Bowser!

Luigi MP9


Luigi, Marios Brother, jumps in as well, to assist his bro, and go on his own adventures!.



World 1: Mushroom Plains

World 2: Heat Wave Desert

World 3: Glorious Waters

World 4: Blizzard Land

World 5: Toxic Forest

World 6: Rocky Mountain

World 7: Wild Skies

World 8: Bowsers Kingdom

World 9: Rainbow Land

World 10: Flowery Gardens

World 11: Toybox Treachery

World 12: Sweet Sweet Mountain

World 13: Dark Woods

World 14: (unknown)

World 15:(unknown

World 16: Galaxy Land

World 17: Multi-Land

A world featuring a combination of sand, magma, water, ice, forest, mountain, grasslands, and sky.

World 18: Stary Outlook


  • Snowball Effect
  • Tanooki Survival

StreetPass Features


New Enemies

  • Draglot

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