These are the Power Stars in Super Mario: 3D Adventure.

Area 1

Goomba Plains

Goomba King is Back!(AGAIN)

Boss: Goomba King

Red Coin Party

Koopa the Quick's Challenge

Luigi's Super Jump

The Secret of Goomba King's Fortress

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Over the Rainbow Red Coins

Dessert Desert

Cake Pyramid Climb

With Vulture's Help...

The Legend of Mummy Koopa

Boss: Mummy Koopa's Sphinx

Shy Guy's Feast

Quicksand Secret

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Red Coins in the Pyramid

Snowy Mountain

To the Top!

Fire Mario melts the Star!

S-No Man's Land

Boss: Snowman King

Koopa the Quick's Slide Race

The Mountaintop Secret

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Slippery Red Coin Slide!

Goo Jungle

Un-Lazy River

Wiggler's Temper

Boss: Wiggler

Red Coin River Ride

Goo Diving

Koopa the Quick's Log Rush

Green Star 1

Luigi's Treetop Star


Bowser Jr's Sky-High Parapalace

Bowser Jr vs. Mario

Daredevil Run

Red Coins in the Clouds

Toad Prisoners

Area 2

Yoshi's Seaside Paradise

You'll need Yoshi...

Koopa the Quick has a Yoshi?

Kool Kamek

Boss: Kamek

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Yoshi's Red Coins

The Seaside Secret

Kamek's Revenge!

Boss: Kamek

Humongus Honeyhive

Bee Mario Returns!

Restore the Honey

Stinkin' Spiders

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Spiderific Red Coins

The King Comes!

Boss: Spider-King

The Honeyhive Secret

Volcano Mountain

Inside the Volcano

Red Hot Red Coins

Lavava Dragon!

Boss: Lavava Dragon

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Lava Secret

Koopa the Quick's Scorching Race

Yoshi's Crash Course

Sloppy Swamp

Mashed Alligator

Boss: Chomphead

Red Coin Dive

The Sunken Star

Green Star 1

Green Star 2

Bowser's Lava River

Unpredictable Showdown

Area 3

Tallest Tree

Talllest Climb

Red Coin Slide

Koopa the Quick's Crazy Climb

King Boo's Mansion

King Boo's Nightmare

Red Coin Mansion

Painting in a Painting

64 Arena

Those old Foes

Booming Caves


Boss: Bomb Rex

Booming Red Coins

The Explosive Secret

Bowser Jr's Terror Tower

Terrible Smackdown!

Area 4

Fail Factory

Chomp Chase

5 Golden Gears

Red Coin Ramble

Web Surfing

Junkyard Town

One man's trash...

Fuzzie Fort

Furball Fight

Boss: King Fuzzie

Red Coins and Fuzzies=Star

Moon Stone Secret

Sun Stone Secret

Pirates Cove

Pirateship Star

Stormy Surviving

Kamek's Magic Mountain

Magical Monster

Area 5

Crazy Clocktower

Stopping Time

Speedy Red Dash

Clockwork Secret

Boiling World

Magma Daredevil Run

Red Coins & Pull Stars

Sunny Secret

Area 6

Cloud Path

Bowser Ahead!

Bowser's Castle

The Final Adventure!

Peach's Castle

After collecting 10 stars,the player can acsess a Star Store,where you can buy 120 stars each for 25 coins.

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