Super Mario: 3D Adventure has many beta elements,all of which are here.

The Beta Elements

Originally,the game was to be on the Wii coming with 2 pairs of 3D Glasses,but was recreated on the 3DS. However,the project lost 4 courses in the tranisitions these are:

Freezerburn Island

Koopa Zoo

Dorrie Cove

Koopaling Arena

Also,King Kaliente was planned to return in Freezerburn Island,and Dorrie would be a pivotal character in Dorrie Cove. However,the most shocking is the Koopaling Arena. From the name it is implied that you ccould battle all 7 Koopalings,but was scrapped. Also,models for Wario & Waluigi were found,but they were very crude,and barely started. Two new power-ups,the Dragon Mask,and the Wizard Wand would have appeared,but the developer decided that they should just go with the power-ups from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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