Super Mario: 3D Adventure is a 2013 platformer developed by Wario Inc., and published by "The Big N"(Nintendo). It is for the Nintendo 3DS, but is more like Super Mario 64.


The game,is a 3D platformer with gameplay similar to Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. The game is free roaming, with linear secctions inserted. Each "level",is filled with friendly NPCs, and enemy AI. New to this game,is 2-player co-op,but with Mario & Luigi.

Mario and Luigi can also use a variety of power-ups. Some are required to fight bosses or get Power Stars, powerful and necesarry items.

Plot Summary

From the instruction booklet:

" It was a normal day for Mario, our jumping pasta-eating hero. However, on Peach's request, the two were called to participate in a meeting in the castle. Everything was fine,until a dark powerful creature crashed the party. It was Robo-Koopa!! The towering machine took the princess, so Mario & Luigi were thrust into action. Time for a new adventure..."

Levels List

The Living Room

Goomba Plains

Dessert Desert

Snowy Mountains

Goo Jungle

Bowser Jr's Sky-High Parapalace

The Basement

Yoshi's Seaside Paradise

Humongus Honeyhive

Volcano Mountain

Sloppy Swamp

Bowser's Lava River

The Meeting Room

Tallest Tree

King Boo's Mansion

64 Arena

Booming Caves

Bowser Jr's Terror Tower


Fail Factory

Junkyard Town

Fuzzie Fort

Pirate's Cove

Kamek's Magic Mountain

The Endless Stairs

Crazy Clocktower

Boiling World

The Castle Roof

Cloud Path

Bowser's Castle


All enemies are returning from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.


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Beta Elements

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