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Super Mario:Legend Journey

World 1-Mushroom kingdom

1-1 Grassland

1-2 Night grassland

1-3 Bridge run

1-4 Athletic

1-Tower Boom boom(Normal)

1-5 Caves

1-6 Yoshi zone

1-7 Cannon machine run

1-8 Trees

1-9 Plane ride

1-10 Sea Cave

1-A Draw scretch world

1-B Bridge fire


World A-Caves

Mini boss-Boom boom(Hide shell)

World 2-Desert

2-1 Desert

2-2 Desert cave

2-3 Desert night

2-4 Asian shy guy

2-5 Desert vocano

2-6 Water geyser

2-7 Desert lava

2-8 Desert lava cave

2-8 Bone cave

2-A Chain chomp run

2-B Arabian land

2-Castle Chain chomp castle

Mini boss-

World 3-Snow

3-1 Snow land

3-2 Ice skate ride

3-3 Snow forest

3-4 Air spin snow

3-5 Mansion

3-6 Foo zone

3-7 Koopa race snow

Mini boss-Pom Pom


World 4-Sea

4-1 Sea

4-2 Sea cave

4-3 Sea bridge

4-4 River ride

4-Airship Boom boom(Spin jump,Shock)

World B-China

Mini boss-Pom pom (throw boomerage),Samurai shy guy

Boss-Lighting boom boom

B-Tower Thwomp tower

World 5-Jungle

5-1 Jungle

5-2 Jungle night

5-3 Snow jungle

5-4 Vocano

5-5 Jungle cave night

5-6 Jungle night with boos

5-7 Volcano explosion

5-8 Trunk village

5-9 Trunk cave

5-10 Sherdder run

Mini boss-Boom boom (Punch move)

World C-Atumn

C-3 Atumn mushroom athelitc

C-6 Underconstruction zone

Mini boss-Boom boom and Pom pom

World 6-Moutain

6-1 Moutain

6-3 Skeleton bone

Mini boss-Giga sumo bro,Pom pom(Clone)

World D-Mansion

Mini boss-Boom boom (Big,Invisible),Boom boom(Throw shell)

Boss-King boo

World 7-Sky

Mini boss-Boom boom(Wing),Pom pom(WIng)

7-3 Grassland

7-5 Fog

7-6 mushroom athelitc

7-7 Fog grassland

7-A Sumo bro zone

World E-Space

Mini boss-Boom boom and Pom pom

E-3 Shadow mario run

World 8-Lava

8-3 Dry bone zone

Mini boss-Kamek

Boss-Browser,Dry bowser

World F-Factory

Mini boss-Mecha boom and pom

Boss-Mecha bowser

World 9-Star

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