More info about the bosses in Super Mario:Ice World ,and how to defeat them.


Ice Bros

Easy boss.You encounter him along with two hills.The Ice Bros will throw at you ice balls.Avoid them while you climb one of the hills.Ground Pound every Ice Bro 3 times and you win.


Encountered in the second mansion of the level.He will throw pies at you.At his 5th throw,he'll throw an Ice Block.Kick it at him 3 times and you win.

Chief Chilly

The boss is harder than in other games.He is heavier to knock off,and survives 5 times.

Giant Foo

He'll shoot spikes at you.Try to blow back them with the Blow Gun.Hit him with the spike 5 times and you win.


Really tough wind in his level.Try not being blowed off of his cloud and stomp on him 10 times.He'll can summon Goombas unaffected by the wind.



Giga-Fwoosh,before the battle.


Ice Bros.,before the battle.


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