Season 1

Episode 1- The M's and L's

Mario and Luigi tell the story of how they got to the mushroom kingdom when they were little babies.

  • Episode opens up to Mario's House
  • Toad knocks on door
  • Mario opens door

Mario: Oh hi Toad! How are you!

Toad: Good! How about you!

Mario: Great like always!

Toad: Toadsworth wanted me to give you guys a picture of 2 babies. Kinda wierd eh?

Mario: Thats a me! Mario!

Toad: OH! And the other one is Luigi?

Mario: Right!

Toad: Well, why would toadsworth have theese?

Mario: Luigi! We have to tell toad the story!

Luigi:Ok! Come on in Toad!

Mario: So it all started about 30 years ago...

  • fades to white then shows a beautiful scene of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Shows Toadsworth

Toadsworth: I cant rule forever... thats a problem

Koopa: I know sir, you need a protector of this kingdom and you need a defender.

Toadsworth: I KNOW! I wish everything could just be Peachy, Yah know?

Koopa: I get it sir.

Toadsworth: Im tired, im gonna get some rest

Koopa: I shall too.

Toadsworth: Goodnight then

  • Then shows two young men in soace floating around until suddenly they rech an end of space.
  • The two babies pop out into Toadsworths Room
  • Both babies cry

Toadsworth: Hrm....?

Toadsworth: *wakes up and turns on his light* Babies?

  • Toadsworth picks one up

Toadsworth: Twins too?

??? Baby: Papa!

??? Baby number 2: Mommy!

Toadsworth: Why have one defender when you can have 2?

  • Out of nowhere next to Toadsworths wand, a girl pops out

Toadsworth: And my Protector, My princess

  • next day

Toadsworth: Koopa, good news!!

Koopa: Hm?

Toadsworth: 3 babies appeared to me and are now mine!

Koopa: Wierd but good!

Toadsworth: Yes! I have my little defenders!

Koopa: Whats their names?

Toadsworth: Hmm well this is peachy so i'll name my princess Peachy  and in the mushroom language Mario means man of truth and Luigi means similar!

Koopa: Wise.

Toadsworth: Thanks!

  • fades to white again back to Mario,Luigi, and Toad

Mario: And thats how it happened

Toad: I heard a rumour that Yoshi raised you

Mario: Well, kinda. Yoshi was my best friend growing up, and he is always by my side on adventures like old times, but i guess you could say he raised me.

Toad: Cool! see you guys!

Mario & Luigi: Bye!

  • fades to black
  • shows credits

Episode 2-Meet Bowser

Coming soon

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