Super Mario's Ultra Adventure is a Fan Fiction made by Vicktendo. They will release all ten books

Book 1: The Adventure Begins

Chapter 1

So one day, Mario and Luigi are cleaning their house. They were cleaning the basement. Mario cleared under the couches, while Luigi emptied the closet. The coolest things they found were, for Mario, Ultra Jump shoes, and for Luigi, a Samurai Sword. He started slashing it around, mindlessly going upstairs. He tripped and fell onto an electrical wire and got his electric powers back. He continued to slash the sword, even making three cuts that made a door in the wall. Luigi looked past the clouds and trees and thought 'What a beautiful day'. Mario ran up to see what Luigi was doing, and he looked out the hole in the wall also. In the distance, the Mario Bros. saw a bunch of Koopa Troopas and Boos marching forward. Behind the Koopas and Boos was Bowser and King Boo respectively. "Mamamia!" both bros shouted at the top of their lungs. When the bosses got to the house, Bowser took Luigi and King Boo took Mario. Luigi shocked Bowser with a Thunderbrand and got away. Mario's Firebrand, or fire, for that matter, didn't make a dent in King Boo. As Bowser ran away yelling "Retreat!" Luigi thought to himself 'I've got to save my bro'. It will continue......

Chapter 2

As King Boo used strange powers to bring the mansion from Luigi's Mansion back from the dead. "Come forth, portrait ghosts," King Boo calmly said. "Luigi might be coming back." "I don't like Luigi!" shouted Mr. Luggs. "He stole my food! What are going to do, Vincent Van Gore?" "Don't vorry, my hungry friend. I vill paint waiters and food for you." said Vincent van Gone. "I am a pro, after all." King Boo interupted the conversaytion with "We all hate Luigi! And if you don't, leave." Lydia and the twins yell "What the? What are going to do?" "Won't die for a third time! Come on, guys!" Shivers chanted. "WON'T DIE FOR A THIRD TIME! WON'T DIE FOR A THIRD TIME!". All the ghosts from Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Castle chanted that time. Spooky barked at Bogmire. Bogmire groaned "Why do we have Spooky here..." "Because he gave Luigi a little trouble." Chauncey asked. "I could provide more trouble than he ever could..." "He talks funneh!" Jarvis observed. King Boo said "Settle your differences and work together!" "Okeh Boss!" "I see E. Gadd!" Neville shouted. "Well, we'll trap him inside the painting with Mario. Where's Slim?" Neville regrouped A distant "Mamamia!" could be heard. "Save room for one more!" the Boo King ordered. "E. Gadd's coming too!" The Clockwork Soilders stepped forward. "It appears that Luigi is withen 20 yards of us sir". King Boo said "We've got to hide." Meanwhile, Alex yelling to Nina, "We gotta scram!!!"


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