Super Mario's Island!
Super Mario's Island! Wii U
Developer(s) STYX Co.
Publisher(s) Nintendologoayy
Platform(s) Wii U, STYX PSI
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario's Island! (Known as Mario's Island! in PAL Regions) is a classic Mario game developed by STYX Co.. It's a 2D platformer with 3D graphics,very similar to the New Super Mario Bros. series. It was released simultaneously on the Wii U and STYX PSi. It is the first Nintendo IP to be developed by STYX, and may receive a sequel.


One day in the sunny land of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, decide to all take a break from adventuring and take a vacation. They take a plane to the peaceful Koop-Koop Island, until they notice Bowser's Airship destroying the land, before the Koopalings - now sporting custom Koopa Clown Cars - shoot the plane down, as it lands in Rosy Plains.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi see that Bowser is trying to capture the Koop-Koop Island for the Koopa Kingdom, and has trapped the wildlife in bottles! So the 4 set out on another journey to defeat Bowser and restore Koop-Koop Island.


Super Mario's Island! plays like a classic Mario title, similar to the likes of New Super Mario Bros., is a side-scrolling platformer. You can choose from 4 characters, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi. Mario plays exactly like his previous genres, as does Lugi - with a large jump but slippery controls. Peach performs similarly to Super Mario Bros. 2, in which she has a low jump, but can float in one line. Yoshi can use his tongue to eat enemies and flutter jump, but to keep him from being too biased, can no longer jump on enemies - since he is no longer rideable. Other characters can be unlocked. It also has a more pick up objects and throw them feel, like SMB2. You still jump on enemies to attack them, however, turnips and such can be found everywhere, and these can be used to attack enemies or do puzzles. Shy Guys even return, with their movements spiced up.


A new prime feature are the Mushis. With Yoshi now as a playable character, Mushis can be found trapped in bottles out of Question Mark Blocks. These creatures have been trapped by Bowser, and picking them up and throwing them, will free a Mushi. Mushis can be rode by anybody (even Yoshi), they are slightly larger than normal Yoshis, so they move bulkier and slower. However, if a Mushi jumps off a ledge, it can glide. A small flutter jump can be obtained with it, but it's nowhere as good as Yoshis. Mushis can eat fruit, however, cannot eat enemies. Instead the Mushis can breath green fire to roast an enemy. Burning certain enemies will cause an effect to happen. For example: burning a red Koopa Troopa will cause the shell to burst into flames.

Different colored Mushis can be found on rare occasions, their main color being Purple, but uniquely, each different colored Mushi has a special feature. A light blue Mushi can flutter jump and walk on water, a Green Mushi can eat enemies, a White Mushi can fly for a few seconds, and an Orange Mushi can curl into it's bigger shell, and launch itself.


Picture Name Description
Mario "Hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! Mario has the most standard attacks of all of them, he can jump a bit high and stomp on foes."
Luigi "The cowardly brother of Mario himself! Luigi acts a lot like Mario, however, he can jump much higher, but has slippery controls."
Peach with parasol (Super Mario Bros SS)
Princess Peach "The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom! Peach has a low jump, however, she can float in a straight line for a few seconds - a talent unique to her."
Yoshi "The loyal dinosaur from Dinosaur Land! Yoshi can flutter jump while in air, to stay up a few seconds, and can eat enemies with his tongue. However, he cannot jump on enemies for balance issues."


Picture Name Description How to Unlock

"The mystery theif from NSMBU! Nabbit is unique, in which he naturally takes 2 hits to kill. He has an unfortunate low jump but can ride Mushis and get power-ups (unlike in NSLU), however, is also very, very slow."

Unlock Nabbit by rescuing 3 Cowardly Koopa Kids. 
605px-Blue Toad SM3DW
Toad "The citizen(s) of the Mushroom Kingdom! Toad is very, very fast, as well able to pick up items the fastest. However, his jump is very short." Rescue 10 Toads
Wario "The greedy doppleganger to Mario himself! Wario has a short jump and is pretty slow, however, he can hit two or three hit enemies with one hit, and can throw and pick up turnips faster than any other character." Score 3 coins in the Jackpot Toad House
Waluigi "The whiny doppleganger to Luigi himself! Waluigi has a pretty high jump, almost as high as luigi's! He's decently fast, but will slide a bit when he stops, and is pretty vulnerable without a power-up." Get 3000 points in the Target-Shooter Toad House
Donkey Kong "The heroic ape from DK Isle! Donkey Kong is very slow and bulky, but can jump on enemies quickly. Not to mention if he jumps on the ground from a high enough place, shockwaves will appear, killing enemies!" Get 30 bannanas on All-Star Road


Toads "Citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, looks like they wandered off a bit too far...rescue these guys somewhere in the level, they'll probably just be standing around, so don't let them get hurt!"
Reward: One Super Mushroom
Cowardly Koopa Kids "...Bowser's minions?! Not quite, Cowardly Koopa Kids are Koopa Kids for sure - but apparently not apart of the Koopa Kingdom. They'll probably be hiding, but you can see heir horns popping out!"
Koopa Kid
Reward: A Koopa Suit
Koop-Koops "These are the inhabitants who refused to join Bowser's Koopa Troop, and thus where put in bottles! Hit every question mark until you come across the one with the trapped Koop-Koop!" TBA Reward: A 1-Up
Yoshis "Some natives of Yoshi's species, the Yoshis are seen to be kidnapped by Bowser's minions! Race with the minion before he reaches the flagpole, jump on him 3 times, and retreive the poor Yoshi cramped in the bag!"
20111220163914!Cyan Yoshi YBA
Reward: One Yoshi Egg
Toadsworth "A rare one to find, ol' Toadsworth came to check on Princess Peach, but got in the hands of King Bowser! You'll find him being held in a bottle by a big-baddie. Knock it down with three hits before it reaches the flagpole!"
2014 6 23 toadsworth by vinfreild posedwalkinghun by vinfreild-d7no3sq
Reward: 1-Up and 10 Super Mushrooms.
Bob-omb Buddies "Bob-Omb buddies - some of the nicest Bob-Ombs you'll ever meet! These guys where captured by Bowser in his take over, they're found being kidnapped by enemies! Smash em to retreive them!
150px-SMG2 Bob-omb Buddy
Reward: A Bob-Omber Mushroom

New Enemies

The new Koop-Koop Isles also brings new inhabitants...and new enemies!

Name Description Picture
Goom-Gooms "Though the original Goombas arrive from Bowser's airship, these are one of the native inhabitants of Koop-Koop Island. After being infuriated with the Koop-Koops taking most of the land, they joined alleigence with Bowser. They can be taken down with one hit, but come in different varieties - some even wear helmets!"
Koop-Koop Troopa "After the invasion of Bowser, some cowardly Koop-Koops joined alleigence with Bowser after fear of their doom, and turned their back on the other inhabitants! They have bigger spiked shells, and will hide into them and spin around at will. Say, these guys look a lot like Bowser..." TBA
Woggler "Wogglers are descendants of Wigglers. Wogglers will stack on top of each other and shoot fireballs, they are very aggresive, but if you jump on them once, it tames them periodically." TBA
Predator Plant "These plants will roam around freely, and shoot lines of fire. They are very easy to kill, just one bop on the head, and are very rare. They look a lot like Piranha Plants..." TBA
Ballista Bill "These lil guys are unique to the Koop-Koop Island, they're like Bullet Bill dispensers, in which they walk around with stubby legs and shoot tiny Bullet Bills at ya. They can be killed with one hit, however..." TBA
Chup-Chups "Flying fish? Only on Koop-Koop! Chup-Chups are natives of Cheep-Cheeps, they have little wings and can flutter them anytime they like. They can fly for short amounts of time, and are very hostile. They are natives of the water too, so watch out!" TBA


Name Description Boss
Rosy Plains "Home to the largest population of Mushis, this place is the most peaceful part of Koop-Koop! ...But after Bowser's baddies came in, it's been a bit more dangerous." Thorno / Larry Koopa
Lemonade Jungle "A large tropical paradise, but watch out! A bunch of mutated plants now lie here...a lot of wildlife." Bowser Jr. / Naval Pirahna / Wendy O. Koopa
Grape Juice Waters "An archipelago of islands, with many dangerous waters. Watch out for flying Chup-Chups!" Dol Finn / Lemmy Koopa
Buffet Desert "The hot praire, as it's called, holds things from sandstorms, ruins, and even ancient Temples. Some ancient evils have been awakened." Eyerok / Morton Koopa Jr.
Strawberry Tundra "The chilling zone could freeze a normal Bob-Omb, to venture through this is a challenge." Fist-Bite / Ludwig Von Koopa
Indigo Skies "Skies high above Koop-Koop Island - but don't get too comfortable, flying machines now rest here!"

Parakee / Iggy Koopa

Koopopolis "A city made by Bowser himself, amusement parks and such are placed around, as well as some more familiar members of the Koopa Troop." Kamek / Roy Koopa
Bowser's Castle / Airship "The King of Koopas' castle itself - lava and fire now rest what was once the center of Koop-Koop Isle, it's time to end this journey!

Bowser Jr. / Bowser / Bowser Titan

All-Star Road "The elusive World 9! Here lies the hardest levels of the game, with not just platforming, but puzzles as well!" N/A

Main Bosses

Picture Name Description
TBA Thorno "The small, thorny, flower bud - now mutated into the giant beast, Thorno! Jump on his middle head when the platform appears, but watch out for his thorny hands!"
220px-SMW2 NavalPiranha
Naval Pirahna "A familiar face, now resting on Koop-Koop island - the viney vane, Naval Pirahna! Dodge all his spiky vines, and knock the turnips into his stitches. Don't let the mini Pirahna plants fool you!"
TBA Dol Finn "The watery terror and king of Koop-Koop's sea, Dol Finn! Dol Finn has three fins, that will stick up from the holes in the ground. The only way to hit him is by jumping on the bump on his head."
Eyerok "Eyerok, he appeared back in Super Mario 64, but has been revived. He'll shoot beams from his eyes at first, before he rumbles the earth and tries to smoosh you!"
TBA Fist-Bite "From the frozen Tundra, Fist-Bite! Fist-Bite has a lot of freeze breath, that'll freeze you for a second, giving him a chance to sling you. He can detach his limbs as well, so watch out."
TBA Parakee "Parakee, lord of the Indigo Skies! Parakee has a large beak, that can dispense a number of things: Bob-Ombs, Shy Guys, Goom-Gooms, and Koopa Troopas. Try to grab the Bob-Ombs and throw them, then when he's stunned, jump on his back!."
Kamek "One of Bowser's most trusted Magikoopas, Kamek! Kamek will simply ride around, leaving off a deadly fog at first, but then he can grow in size, summon Paratroopas, and even make it rain meteors!"
Giga Dry Bowser O O by DarkYoshi97531-1-
Bowser Titan "The big bad Koopa in his final form, Bowser Titan! Bowser Titan is massive and hard to hit, and will shoot large rays of fire from his mouth. The trick is to throw Turnips and Shy Guys at him by climbing the dissapearing platforms, and getting away before he shockwaves you! Don't fall in the lava!"


Name Picture Description
"The buff bruiser! Boom-Boom's tower will appear after completing every level in a single world. He stores a lot of treasure in his keep, so if you manage to beat him, the reward is yours!"
Larry Koopa
200px-NSMBU LarryKoopa
"The emperor of eavesdropping returns! Being the youngest of the Koopalings, Larry isn't all that skilled, and will simply shoot magic beams and shift around in his shell. However, in his Koopa Clown Car, he drops seeds that will eventual grow into sharp thorns, so watch out!"
Wendy O. Koopa
Wendy NSMBWii-0
"Wendy O. Koopa, a stylish foe and cruel mischief-maker! Wendy has a battleground similar to the level itself, and will shift her platforms to move a bunch, and in her Koopa Clown Car, will throw hoops at you. Pick up these hoops and throw them back at her!"

Lemmy Koopa

500px-Lemmy Koopa
"The king of crazy, the peculiar Koopaling - Lemmy Koopa! Lemmy fights with a round ball, and will shoot you with beams on moving platforms. He'll jump around on his ball, so be precise with your attacks!"
Morton Koopa, Jr.
Morton Koopa Jr Solo-0
"This big mouthed koopa is a brute by heart. Morton Koopa Jr., or just Morton, will bounce about, creating shockwaves on the floor, and occasionally breaking platforms. His customized Koopa Clown Car has a large metal wrecking ball to smash you with."
Ludwig Von Koopa
"The self-proclaimed pinnacle of Koopalings, Ludwig von Koopa returns! Ludwig has two arms attached to his Koopa Clown Car, and uses precise patterns. Such as punching the ground to a beat, and throwing enemies. Knocking him out of it will turn into a shell spin, in which you can attack him."
Iggy Koopa
"The mad scientist of the Koopalings, Iggy Koopa. Iggy Koopa relies on machinery, and has his Koopa Clown Car capsuled in a crusher. A few false Iggys will try and fool you, by sticking out from the crusher, but jumping into them (or throwing things in the place) will only hurt you. You must jump into the real Iggy Koopa in his clown car, don't pop the fake ones!"
Roy Koopa
"Roy Koopa, the bully by brain! Roy has a lot of cannons set up, and these cannons will either throw out a turnip, or a bullet bill. Be careful not to get hit by the wrong one, because you need to be right at the cannon's hole to catch the turnips, after that, just lunge it at Roy high up in his Koopa Clown Car!"
Bowser Jr.
"The junior brat, Bowser Jr! Junior has a simple large Koopa Clown Car, that will dispense short timed bob-ombs, in which you must climb up and then jump on him. In the second fight, it gets trickier. Junior has a fancier Koopa Clown Car, he will shoot down iron needles, which you must climb up, and jump on his head. Then he'll start moving randomly around the room smashing into walls, and shooting out Bullet Bills!"


Super Mushroom
170px-Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
"Makes Mario a bit larger in size, the standard of the bunch!"
Bob-Omber Mushroom
"Transforms Mario into Bob-Omber Mario! He can throw Bob-Ombs, but grab the 'shroom quick, or it'll blow!"
Fire Flower
"Turns Mario into Fire Mario, so he can burn foes with fireballs!"
Ice Flower
"Makes Mario Ice Mario, you can freeze foes by hitting them with a freeze ball! They'll escape unless you destroy the ice block."
"Turns Mario invincible, destroying every enemy in his path! It wears off soon."
Cape Feather
Cape Feather NSMBVR
"Makes Mario into Cape Mario, attacking and gliding with his small yellow cape!"
Boomerang Flower
"Turns Mario into Boomerang Mario, who can throw Boomerangs into enemies, they always come back!"
Butterfly Lilly
(The best I could do for now :P)
"Turns Mario into Butterfly Mario, who can flap it's wings to hover in the air, and kill enemies with the wings!"
Chameleon Suit TBA "Turns Mario into Chameleon Mario! In this form, you can turn invisible to escape form enemies, and climb on walls and ceilings!"
Koopa Suit TBA "Turns Mario into Koopa Mario! With this, Mario can curl into a shell, and bump himself into enemies!"
Hammer Suit TBA "Turns Mario into Hammer Mario! Shoot out hammers at will, knocking out all enemies!"
Croc Suit TBA "Turns Mario into Crocodile Mario! In this, you can chomp on enemies and shoot out rays of fire, and it's very useful for swimming under water!"
Groundhog Plum TBA "Turns Mario into Groundhog Mario! Equipped with the Groundhog Plum, you can burrow underground and slash enemies!"
Triple Cherry
175px-Double Cherry Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
"What's this? The Triple Cherry! These will create 2 more copies of Mario to help, these can be used in puzzles - or to find clever ways of beating tough enemies and bosses!"
Boo's Mask TBA "A boo's mask? Thats right! This'll make enemies run away from Mario, however, you cannot attack them with it can throw it off, but it's useful in places with big pits!"



  • Mushi's name comes from the Japanese word for "Chomp", "ムシャムシャ食べる" (Mushamusha taberu)