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Super MLG Maker is a poorly-made hack of the critically acclaimed Super Mario Maker, in which many of the game's assets are replaced with MLG memes.


The gameplay is the same as in Super Mario Maker. Players can create their own Mario courses by dragging and dropping power-ups, objects, and enemies into a course, or play others' levels by connecting to the Internet.


As follows is a list of the course elements available for the editor, along with what each is a reskin of. Elements look the same in all game styles and level themes, unfortunately.

UnlockedElementReskin ofWhen shaken
Day 1 SWAG blockBlock
YOLO blockQuestion Block
Fedora blockHard Block
8/8 blockGround
Mom's cameraPipe
8-bit sunglassesSuper MushroomTurns into weed if all of the Nintendo World Championship 2015 levels have been completed
Air hornTrampolineTurns sideways
Mountain Dew canGoombaCrushes can
Dorito bagKoopa TroopaSwitches flavor between Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese
Sniper riflePiranha PlantFires bullets
Sanic's shoesWings
Day 2 Lenny faceSecond-level power-up
Trollface-riding ShrekLakituFalls off of trollface
Dangerously large DoritoSpinyTurns into Dorito helmet
Flashing textLiftTurns into sample text
Red air hornFire Flower
Super weedSuper Star
MLG logo1-Up Mushroom
Day 3 No-scoping rifleBill BlasterQuickscopes instead
Fedora DogeBlooperHas mini-Doges trail behind it
DogeCheep CheepWears an Obey baseball cap
Illuminati triangleSpike Trap
MS Paint platformSemi-solid PlatformChanges appearance



Super MLG Maker was widely panned for being an unfunny waste of a hack. Many cited the outdatedness and overuse of the memes used. Even the creator of the hack called it "the worst thing [he]'d ever been responsible for".

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