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Super Luigi World is a Platformer for the Nintendo Wii being made by Wand Co.. It is played like Super Mario World, except the power-ups, bosses and worlds are different and you play as Luigi. The game is played with the Wii Remote held sideways or it can be played with the GameCube Controller.


Luigi has booked a trip to Sarasaland to see Princess Daisy. When he arrives, he goes to the castle. On his way to the castle, he sees that many of the civilians are in a panic. Luigi is confused but still goes on. He arrived at the castle and knocked on the door. It opened and Luigi walked inside. He went to Daisy's room and there was a note on the bed. It read:

"Luigi, King Boo has taken over Sarasaland! Please stop him!"

Luigi then jumped out the window and went to save Daisy and Sarasaland.

Gameplay & Controls

The controls and graphics are like that of Super Mario World, but Luigi has different items to collect and different worlds to go through. While Mario fought Bowser and the Koopalings in Super Mario World, Luigi will fight King Boo and the Boolings.

  • D-Pad - Move, Crouch.
  • 1 Button - Throw projectile, hold to run.
  • 2 Button - Jump.
  • B Button - Spin Jump.
  • A Button - Pause.

Items, Worlds & Bosses


  • Mushroom - Makes Luigi bigger.
  • Superball Flower - Gives Luigi the power to throw Super Balls.
  • Bird Suit - Allows Luigi to fly.
  • Piranha Suit - Allows Luigi to go through piranha plants without being noticed and throw fireballs.
  • Infinity Mushroom - Makes Luigi invincible.
  • Fish Suit- Makes it easier for Luigi to swim.


  • World 1: Dolphin Plains
  • World 2: Crabby Desert
  • World 3: Sky High
  • World 4: Tornado Alley
  • World 5: Fog Island
  • World 6: Caramel Jungle
  • World 8: King Boo's Haunted Mansion
  • World ?: Land of the Unknown


The bosses are listed in the order they're fought.

  • Argyle Boo - Attacks by rolling boulders at you.
  • Irwin Boo - Attacks by firing a laser from the ceiling.
  • Lawrence Boo - Attacks by spitting fire and shooting you with lightning.
  • Spike Boo - Attacks by pounding you from above.
  • Shelly Boo - Attacks by throwing objects at you using psychokinesis.
  • Shorty Boo - Attacks by throwing a basketball that bounces around the room.
  • Matthew Boo - Attacks by zipping you really fast.
  • King Boo - Attacks by summoning Boo soldiers and spitting Boo's at you.
  • Fireball Boo - Attacks by shooting fire at you and then moving around the room covered in fire.


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