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Super Luigi Squad (Suparuijisukuwaddo in japan) is a comic where 4 Nintendo characters unite to save Princess Daisy from the clutches of King Boo.


Chapter One: Building a Squad

First, Luigi is at his house when Toad runs in and says "Luigi! Luigi! The Princess has been stolen by King Boo!" The Luigi looks at him and says "I thought Peach was on vacation with Mario." "No no no. The OTHER Princess. Princess Daisy! HELP!" Replies Toad. "Well, okay. But Mario usally has four people." Then Luigi sets off to find people to help him. He first runs into Kirby. Luigi asks him to join him on his journy to save Daisy. Kirby agrees, and the two set off to find more people. Next, they run across Wario. Luigi askes Wario to join and Wario says "How is this good for me?" Luigi waves a donut in front of him and Wario agrees to join. Then, the three look for one more person to help. They finally run across Gary Oak and ask him. "Eh, I got nothing else to do." Gary says to Luigi after being asked to join. Then the team set off to start there mission.

Chapter Two: Secret Exits

When the arrive at level 1-1, Gary starts asking some questions. "Why can't we just take an airplane to King Boo's castle, instead of completing all these levels?" "Well...Ummm...Uh...I doesn't work." Luigi replys. "Well isn't there an easier way?" Gary asked. "No." Luigi awnsered. They complete the level, and progress onto level two. About halfway through the level, Wario points out a warp pipe above them. "Let's go through there!" Wario says. Then he jump-kicks his way to the warp pipe and jumps in. The others do the same. THen they all were on a cloud with no enemies or anything. They all run through it, shouting. Wario is holding up a peace sign. At the edge of the cloud, they find a slide. They all slide down and find a flagpole, only instead of it's regular colors, it is red. "Why is it red?" Gary askes. "Because it's a secret exit." Luigi says. THey all jump onto the flagpole completeing the level.

Chapter Three: Cannon

Instead of unlocking a new level, the gang discovers a path leading to a cannon. "What does the cannon do?" Gary askes. "It brings you to a different world." Luigi says. "COOL! A SHORTCUT!" Wario and Gary shout. They run to the cannon, Kirby and Luigi following. THey hop into the cannon, and arrive at World Three. "If we do this for every world, we'll barely have to do any work! We'll get to World Eight MUCH faster!" Gary said. "No, it doesn't work like that! You have to do the castles!" Luigi replied. "Who says?" Gary said. "Well, if you don't do any castles, then when we get to KIng Boo, we'll have NO practice!" Luigi said. "Eh."

Chapter Four: Mid-level Boss Battle

While the squad is completeing level 3-1, King Boo's Kid (THe boss of world one) Was secretly spying on them. "ARRRRRRRGG! THEY SKIPPED MY CASTLE! AND I WAS SO READY FOR THEM!!! I'M GONNA GO OVER THERE AND GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND!" So in the middle of the level, King Boo's Kid came and yelled "I CHALLAGE YOU TO A BATTLE!" "OK, but you're going DOOOOOOWN!" yelled Gary Oak. "GO BLASTIOSE!!!" "Not that kind of battle you idiot!" Said KBK. Then Wario picked up a rock and threw it at KBK. But it went through him, because he's a ghost. Then Luigi said "I HAVE A PLAN!!!!!!!!" Everone huddled up and whispered. Then Kirby sucked KBK up and spat him into a Pokeball. "We did it!" Luigi yelled! Then they put some duct tape around the Pokeball to provent anyone from opening it and they put it in Gary's bag.

Chapter Five: In A Hole

After the boss battle and completeing 3-1, the gang moves onto 3-2. Halfway through, Kirby falls into a hole. "Someone needs to go get him" Wario said. "Yeah." Gary added. Then they pushed Luigi into the hole. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Luigi shreiked. Luigi hit the bottem of the hole and looked around. "Where's Kirby?" Luigi asked, not expecting a reply. At the top of the hole, Kirby floated up. "Oh yeah. Kirby can float." Wario said. Then Gary and Wario started aurguing about who knows what, and Kirby floated back down, grabbed Luigi, and floated back up. "Luigi? When did you get back?" Gary asked.

Chapter Six: Where's My Wallet?

After the whole hole problem, the squad completes 3-2 and after the level Gary and Wario comeout looking confused. "Where was the secret exit?" Wario says. "Yeah, we need to get to it!" Gary added on. "No we don't. We don't need a cannon to complete this." Luigi says. "YES WE DOOOOOOOOOO!" Wario and Gary yell. "NO WE DON'T!" Luigi yells back. Then, Wario's stomach rumbled. "I'm hungry." Wario said. So the gang walked ito KFC. "Can we have some chicken?" Luigi asked. "That would be $19.95" Says the casher. (Billy Mays' ghost) Luigi reached into his ocket for his wallet, but it was gone. "Hey, where's my wallet?" Luigi said. "I think you dropped when you fell in the hole..." Gary said. "Fine...We'll go back to the hole." Luigi said.

Chapter Seven: Back In The Hole

The gang went back to 3-2 in search of the hole. When they found it, everyone jumped in. Luigi looked around

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