Super Luigi Quest is a game for the Nintendo Gameboy. It was released in 1993 along with a special Super Mario Gameboy Bundle, that included Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2 as well, however the bundle, and unfortunately the Super Luigi Quest game, were only avalible from March 1 to April 31 1993. Luckily, on July 5, 1994 the game was brought back to stores on the Gameboy Color And The Super Nintendo until the Gameboy family began to fade away after the release of the DS, and rereleased on 3ds and Wii U Virtual Console in 2013.

Gameplay and Controls

The Gameplay is exactly the same as Super Mario Land, with the same controls, as well. The A button allows you to jump, The B button lets you use powerups, and the d-pad lets you move.


There are 20 levels in the game overall, each with a different boss every 2 levels. These include Tatanga, Bowser, The koopalings, and Bowser jr., There are actually 2 gameplay modes, one being the sarasaland mode and the other being the mushroom kingdom world. There has also been rumors of a bonus level called "The real world" in which you have to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong, in a world based of the construction site from the 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game.

Playable Characters

There are Multiple playable characters in this game, these

Image Name Description How to Unlock
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi Mario's Brother and Main protagonist of the game, Luigi must venture to sarasaland save Princess Daisy from the evil Clutches of the alien Tatanga He's already unlocked
NsmbMario Mario It's Mario, the hero of The Mushroom Kingdom! This time, he's in his brother's shoes as the "Player 2" of Super Luigi Quest! He's already unlocked
Peach - Mario Party 10 Princess Toadstool Princess Toadstool teams up with the Mario Bros. in this adventure to help her best friend daisy! And, she brought along a little friend-Perry! Complete the Mushroom Kingdom World, saving her from Bowser.
Daisy Princess Daisy "Hi! I'm Daisy" Daisy teams up with you in order to save Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom! Complete the sarasaland world, saving her from Tatanga!
Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman is rumored to be a playable character in the "real world" level. ???
Pauline Pauline Pauline us also rumored to be a playable character ???

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