Super Luigi Masters 3D
Developer(s) Icegear Productions
Publisher(s) Icegear Productions
Platform(s) Wii Flame, 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure


Luigi and Mario got in a fight because Luigi wanted to be the star for once and they went their separate ways. Mario was walking to Peach's castle and got hit by an amnesia gun and the person who shot him told him he was a bad guy the worst of them all and must kill all the good guys. So technically Mario got brainwashed then he attacked Luigi's friends and brainwashed them to be his minions. Luigi did not get shot so he has stayed good and had to make new friends and only knew of 1 person... King Boo.Now the 6 are after Mario! Now Luigi must go through 14 worlds many castles and many levels to unbrainwash Mario! But it cant be good because the worlds are creepy, scary or hard...or all!


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Luigi with Coins Luigi Best Jumper, Fast, and he has befriended the boo's and turned on his twin brother MARIO!
King Boo LMDM King Boo Now Luigi's Best friend! Can fly in to hidden areas. Eats Toad's!
Ghost yoooooooshiiiiii Purple Ghoshi Luigi's new pet, he can teleport! Fastest and he can teleport and eat some enemies.
180px-BooMP8Official Boo King Boo's minion. He is fast and okay jumper.
Morton Koopa Jr Solo Morton Jr. Boo's best friend from middle school. Decent Speed. Strongest.
Geno Brawl Geno Purple Ghoshi was Geno's soul! Fast, Bad Jumping, Strong.


World Image Name Description
W1 ToadBrigadeSME Toad Army Watch out for poison shrooms.
W2 100px-Spp-peach8 Princess Peach Watch out for her anger!
W3 Toadsworth2 Toadsworth BEWARE:HE IS WISE!!!
W4 Lubba Lubba TOO MANY LUMA'S!!!!!!!!
W5 NSMBS Birdo Birdo Mario retaught her her evil ways!
W6 Mallow NSMBWii Mallow C. Mario was experimenting and accidentally made a clone of Mallow.
W7 Kylie Koopa2 Kylie Koopa The toad's accidentally captured Kylie.
W8 BoshiNew Boshi Mallow had to bring Boshi.
W9 9 Volt2 9-Volt Mario game jumped in to Wario Ware Smooth Moves and ordered 9-Volt to work with him.
W10 StanleySSBMTrophy Stanley Mario visited his game DONKEY KONG and saw a plug to part 3 and found Stanley.
W11 CrocoOlympics Croco Mario saved him from a tree in World 10.
W12 LudwigNSMBU Ludwig Looks like Morton and Ludwig went their separate ways too!
W13 Mario and Star MP9 Mario Finally, Luigi vs. Mario. Mario has unlimited super star so watch out!
W14 Pizap.com10.69637894816696641362936484658 Zeus

WHAT! THIS LITTLE GUY BRAINWASHED MARIO! Yep, he did. Now Luigi, King Boo, Purple Ghoshi, Boo, Morton Jr, Geno and Mario must fight Zeus!



                                  Yuin the alien               He owns Star World

                                                                      and uses everyone

                                                                      there as a slave.


Image Name Strength
Penguin Penguin Weak
ToadMK7solo Toad Weak
Torque Torque Normal
NokiShell Noki Normal
Luigi Assist Luma SMG2.5 Luma Weak
StarlowSMSJ Starlow Strong
PurplePianta Pianta Strong
Toadette Brawl Toadette Weak
Goombario Goombario Normal
Whittle Whittle Strong



W1- Grassy Streets

W2- Woody Desert

W3- Goo Land

W4- Lubba's Waters

W5- Remix Club

W6- Oil Cave

W7- Underground Crystal Mines

W8- Egg Town

W9- Snowy Ice Lands

W10- Cloudy Heights

W11- Croco's Dark Factory

W12- Lava Geyser Mountain

W13- Mario's Secret Darktown

W14- Zeus' portal pool

Hidden W15- Star World

Hidden W16- Locked House