Super Luigi Land is a game featuring the return of Sarasaland staring Luigi. In this game Luigi goes to Sarasaland after Princess Daisy has been kidnapped by Wario. The playable characters are Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Numi, who is a new toad-like character.

Player abilities

Luigi can jump higher than the other characters but has trouble slowing down.

Peach has the ability to stay in the air much longer but is the slowest character.

Toad is the fastest character but can't jump as high as the other characters.

Numi is toad-like but has a ? block on his head. He can pick up items and out them in his box to use later when he's hurt or to help out another characters. Numi is not god at ducking. He can dodge enemies but not get into smaller areas even when he's small. Other characters can also ride on Numi's head.

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