Super Luigi Land is a game for Wii XP 360. It has a bigger plot than all of the Super Luigi games.


One day Luigi was at the opening ceremony for Luigi Land a collection of 8 lands. During the ceremony the Koopalings arrive in the Doomship. They kidnap everyone at the party which includes Orange Toad Peach Daisy Yellow Toad Blue Toad Green Toad Purple Toad Toad and Mallow who had accidentally wandered into that reality. Luigi and Paulo are left fainted. They are woken up by Bowser's roar. He explains to them that his dad Morton Koopa Senior had hypnotized the Koopa Troop into following him. They agree to go through Luigi Land together. But in land 7 something unexpected happens in the castle. After you turn Morton Sr to dry form Bowser and Jr betray you saying it was part of their master plan. The plan was to make Luigi believe they were going to help them just to betray them and get stronger. Luckily just then Peach comes having broke out of her cage in land 8 and Yosher Jr catch up and join your team. In the final castle there are 6 segments. In the first you go through an extremely hard challenge. In the 2nd you fight the Koopalings one by one. In the 3rd you battle Giant Bowser Jr. In the 4th you battle Bowser. In the 5th you battle Bowser again but he is giant. In the 6th you battle Dry Morton Koopa Senior and win. Just when you think you've won Dry Bowser comes and takes Daisy to Secret ? Land 9. You finally defeat Dry Bowser but he comes back giant. When you save Daisy she is grabbed by King Boo who takes her to Boo Woods. In land 10 you rescue Daisy who thanks you. Suddenly Peach disappears. It turns out Bowser Sr Bowser's uncle had taken over Peach's castle. Luigi must collect Star Coins hidden in each of the levels to save Peach and her castle. In an after quest in the regular world you play as Mario who has to save the babies Luigi Mario Waluigi Wario Yoshi Peach DK and Daisy and their adult selves who have been captured in 8 different castles in 2 different time periods. You finally win this extremely long game. An optional world Troubled Land is guarded by Dark Luma.



Luigi- Default Paulo- Default Bowser- Default until land 7 Bowser Jr- Default until land 7 Peach- Beat land 7 Yosher Jr- Beat land 7 Daisy- Beat King Boo in land 10 Orange Toad- Pay 500 coins Green Toad- Pay 500 coins Mallow- Pay 1000 coins Mario- Afterquest Wario- Afterquest Waluigi- Afterquest B Toad- Afterquest


Larry Lemmy Iggy Wendy Morton Noah Tim Ludving Again Bowser Jr Bowser Giant Bowser Dry MKS Dry Bowser Giant Dry Bowser Booloosus King Boo Uncle Bowser (thrice)

Koopalings Bowser Jr Bowser Giant Dry Bowser Giant Dark Luma (secret beat whole adventure)

Reception This game did amazing and became the highest selling video game ever in 1 nanosecond. It got a sequel which was OK

Power ups

Super Mushroom Fire Flower Ice Flower Penguin Suit Mini Mushroom Mega Mushroom Bee Mushroom Propeller Mushroom Ghoul Mushroom Spring Mushroom Metal Mushroom Super Acorn Invincibility Leaf

Re Release It will be re released on 3DS Omega XP as Super Luigi XP Omega.

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