Super Luigi Island
Developer(s) LegendaryStar Co.
Publisher(s) LegendaryStar Co.
Platform(s) EngineStar
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Super Luigi Island
 Super Luigi Island is a game for the upcoming EngineStar system.  It stars Luigi and some of his friends in an adventure to save Princess Daisy from the Bandit Gang.  The game is in an adventure style.



You use the control pad to move, and you press the red button to jump.  The B button allows you to punch (or kick in air).  If your jump power is over 3, you can double jump. If your speed power is over 3, you can run up walls. If your power is over 3, you can push iron crates.  Pressing X allows you to perform your special move.  More to come...



Image Character Stats Description
Luigi SSB4 Luigi

Jump = 5/5

Speed = 2/5

Power = 2/5

Luigi is the often forgotten bro of Mario!  After Daisy got captured by the Bandit Gang, Luigi settles out once and for all to prove his position in life!  He is a really good jumper that doesn't do well in other stats.  His special ability is the Luigi Dash, in which he temporarily boostes his speed to 5.
Blue Toad jumping Blue Toad

Jump = 4/5

Speed = 4/5

Power = 1/5

Blue Toad jumps in to help Luigi!  Even though he was cowardly at first, he proves a good partner for Luigi!  He is a good jumper and runner, but doesn't have a lot of power.  His special ability is the Cap Glide, in which he can use for a third jump.
539px-Waluigi Artwork - Mario Party DS Waluigi

Jump = 2/5

Speed = 5/5

Power = 2/5

Waluigi joins the team after Waluigi lost his memory due to the Bandit Gang knocking him down good!  He is a great runner but not as much a good jumper or puncher.  His special ability is the Waluigi Slide, in which he uses a slide to hit Brick Blocks on the ground.
228px-Nabbit Nabbit

Jump = 1/5

Speed = 3/5

Power = 5/5

Nabbit joins the crew after the Bandit Gang abandoned him!  He is great in power, but has average speed and has dismal jump due to damaged legs.  His special ability is the Bag Swing, in which he smacks the thing right in front of him, knocking it far away untill it hits a wall.
Geno2 Geno


= 1/5


= 4/5


= 4/5

Geno joins the crew when the crew stop the Bandit Gang from rolling down his home on Firey Fields with a giant apple. He is great at speed and power, but has low jump to sacrifice. His special ability is the Geno Whirl, in which he fires a blast that can ricochet off walls untill it goes off screen.
Baby Luigi Baby Luigi

Jump 5/5





Baby Luigi becomes the last member of the crew when you defeat Bowser and get the last silver coin. He is very fast and can jump high, but is very weak in power. His special is the Baby Cry, which stuns all enemies for a short time.


Image Character Description
Daisyinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Daisy Daisy is Luigi's "girlfriend".  She is kidnapped by the evil Bandit Gang!  Will her hero in (somewhat) shining armor rescue her?
Purple Toad NSMBVR Purple Toad A shopkeeper on the Amusment and Perilous Islands. He sells items to Luigi for Star Coins.
Baby rosalina by lyokofan97 Baby Rosalina She acts as the game's Super Guide, showing you how to complete levels if you lose too many lives.
120px-Bandit New (2) Green Gash The leader of the Bandit Gang. He tricked Bowser to attack the Amusement and Perilous Islands while he stole Daisy.
Bandit New Blue Bash A high ranking member of the Bandit Gang. He is seen at boss battles, hypnotizing bosses into attacking Luigi while he runs away.
120px-Bandit New (1) Red Rash A high ranking member of the Bandit Gang. He is seen trying to race Luigi to a Star Coin. If he wins, he steals it and it is unable to be collected untill you complete the level.
Bowser SSB4 Bowser Bowser is the evil king of Koopas!  He was meant to have a relaxing vacation until he was tricked by Green Gash.  He and the Koopalings are attacking the islands!
Koopalings-NSMB2 Koopalings The Koopalings are forced (AGAIN) to help Bowser in his evil schemes.  Each guards a certain area and guards a silver coin, and all eight are needed to fight the bandits! (NOTE: Bowser has the eighth one)
Flutter 2 Flutter A flying Wiggler that helps Luigi by letting him ride her. In one level, She drops a picnic basket into the lowest part of the treetops and askes Luigi if he can find the basket.


World Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Boss
Amusement Island
Beastly Beach Tutorial Beach Panic! Wave Ocean Subcon Beach Birdo
Sandy Seaside Palm Paradise Splash Sea Mushroom Bounce* Bomb Factory Lemmy
Jungle Japes DK' s House Pollen Palace* Jumpy Jungle Rumble Falls King Bob-omb
Forest Frenzy Forest Maze* Red Rash's Coin Stash Flutter Treetops Lumberjack Castle Morton
Perilous Pits Pipe Maze Burning Bogs* Donut Bridge Goomba Pit Goomboss
Corny Cave Stalagmite Cavern Wet Wet Gravel Crystal Mine* Mushroom Core Larry
Mustard Mountain Candy Climb Mt. Fizz* Bullet Bill Mountain Sweet Mines King Whomp
Snowy Summit Cloudy Cluster* Slippery Snowtop Freezeflame Peak Tower To Space Wendy
Perilous Island
Dusty Desert Bandit Bank

Firebar Sands

Lava Oasis* Dusty Tower Eyerok
Pyro Pyramid Pyramid Entrance Trap Passage* Conveyer Maze Treasure Room Roy
Fiery Fields Burning Fields Fireworks Valley* Goomba Clockworks Giant Apple King Wiggler
Plane Plains 2D Grasslands 1D Slip 3D Planes* 4D Paradox Iggy
Crazy Castle Puppet Path Mirror Way Sealed Storage Room Illusion Collusion* Koopa Kid
Mystic Mansion Haunted Grave Mystic Library* Magic Hall Warp Balcony Ludwig
Vicious Volcano Meteor Moat* Blazing Volcano Traction Castle Eruption Bridge Bowser
Bandits' Base Bandit Lair Miasma Factory The Portal* The Void Bandit Gang
Bonus Island
Star Cosmos Wave Orbit Lava Sun Candy Cluster Deep Space* None
Crown Nebula Final Level None None None None

(* means it is a level you use Flutter.)





Music Use in Game Link
Sonic Rush Adventure Opening Theme Title
Super Mario 64 - Data Select Remix Data Select
Kirby' s Return To Dreamland - Cookie Country Overworld - Amusement Island
Super Mario 64 - Lethal Lava Land Overworld - Perilous Island
Kirby Super Star - Grape Garden Remix Flutter Theme
SMG - Beach Bowl Galaxy Theme Beach Level
Sonic Adventure 2 - White Jungle Jungle Level
Launch Base (Sonic 3) Modern Remix Cave Level
Pokemon X - Victory Road Mountain Level
Kirby's Epic Yarn - Hot Land Desert Level
SMG2 - Spin-Dig Galaxy Field Level
NSMBW - Ghost House Theme Mansion Level
Sonic 2 - Oil Ocean Remix Castle Level
SA2 - Green Forest Base Level
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Mid-Boss Mid-Boss
NSMB2 - Renzor Theme Boss
Super Mario 64 - Koopa's Theme Remix Bowser Theme
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Final Bowser Remix Bowser Boss
Bravely Default - Serprent Eating The Ground Final Boss
Super Mario Bros. Starman Remix Starman Theme
Katamari - Guru Guru Gravity Minigame
Super Mario 64 - Credits Remix Credits