Super luigi galaxy

Cover for SLG.

Super Luigi Galaxy is a spin-off of Super Mario galaxy. Its has a new plot,new galaxies, and even more for more SMG enjoyment.It has online and local multiplayer.It even includes more power ups.


Galaxia, protector of the Tracking Star, was very bored of her vapid life. She had seen Rosalina playing along with the jubilant Lumas, making very elegant stars in the midnight skies.

She thought and thought, sat and sat, watching Rosalina play with the ecstatic Lumas.

Then she sparked with a idea. She dandly asked if she could play along. Rosalina noded yes, and so they played along.

Then bowser, without a sound, accurately stole the Tracking star! He planed to track down mario and get rid of that pesky plumber. He quickly snatched mario, so Luigi was left.

Now its up to luigi to save the day!

A: Jump

B: Shoot (powerup needed)


X: Sparkling swipe

Y:Star Spin

ZL and ZR: adjust camera

L:Pick up objects

R: Special



Special: Hammer


Special: Bag throw


Special: Super Jump


Special: Ground pound