Super Luigi Extra Easy Funtime Adventure is a Nintendo eShop game based on a Spongebob Squarepants game, Super Easy Fun Time Adventure Pants.  It is so-called easy and has traps.  We're not if it happens to be a remake of Super Mario Bros. Special or not.

Developer(s) Studio MF
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U
Release Date(s)
March 2015
Story Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Challenge Mode, Extras Mode
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Digital distribution


King Boo kidnapped Princess Daisy and Luigi has to save her on a tricky adventure.





Distractors (New!)



Click here!


  1. World 1
  2. World 2
  3. World 3
  4. World 4
  5. World 5
  6. World 6
  7. World 7
  8. World 8
  9. World 9
  10. World 10 (New!)
  11. World A
  12. World B
  13. World C
  14. World D


Story Mode

Story Mode is a mode where you follow the story of how Luigi saved the kingdom.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode is a mode where you follow the story, or, race for coins...with your friends.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a mode where you take on more challenges!

Extras Mode

Extras Mode is a mode where you look at extra stuff.  Click here to figure out how to unlock extras.

Voice Casting

  • Charles Martinet, as Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, Narrator and Wario
  • Jen Taylor, as Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and Daisy
  • Kenny James, as Bowser
  • Dan Castellaneta, as Luigi's Annoyed Grunt
  • Tom Kenny, as Luigi's Scream



  • Luigi retains his moves from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and NSMB games.
  • This game is also based off Super Mario Bros. Special, New Super Luigi U, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Rayman Legends.
  • There are 2 graphic styles: NES and Allstars.  There are substyles, too: SMB1, SMB2 and SMB3.
  • 15 days after the release, there will be rumors about a retail version.
  • Nabbit plays similarly to NSLU.
  • Rayman, Birdo, Tiddlywinks and Waluigi are some characters mentioned in dialouge.


  • In the title screen, SMW's Title Music is played instead of SMB1's.
  • Bowser mentions Wendy O. Koopa as Kootie Pie when Blue or Yellow Toad reach him.
  • The music is played badly because of the kazoo sounds.
  • When an enemy falls on Luigi, he emits the phrase that Q*Bert says then he touches an enemy and a bleep sound. (Reference to the Q*Bert game)
  • Luigi might slip, fall and grunt annoyedly if he runs on water.  (Reference to the Simpsons' "D'OH!!")

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