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SLBL is a game for Wii Cosmico. It is part of the majorly sucessful Super Luigi Bros Series


In Luigi's alternate reality a ceremony is held to celebrate the opening of Luigi Land a collection of 8 lands. During the ceremony Morton Koopa Sr interferes kidnapping everyone except Luigi and Paulo. Bowser and Bowser Jr appear saying Morton Koopa Sr hypnotized the Koopa Troop except them whom he threw out. Together they go through Luigi Land. In world 7 castle they put Morton Koopa Sr in lava transforms into his Dry form. Bowser and Jr leave and it turns out it was their master plan. Luckily Peach breaks out of her cage and Yosher Jr catchs up with them. In land 8 the quartet defeat Dry Bowser , Dry Jr the Koopalings one by one and Dry Morton Koopa Sr. After the credits Mario falls into the alternate reality with Luigi still in it setting the tide for another game.

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