Super Luigi Adventure
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DeluxGamer
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
E for Mild Cartoon Violence
Genre(s) Platform, Adventure
Media Included DeluxGamer Card
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Super Luigi Adventure is an adventure/platform game developed by LYON Games for the DeluxGamer. This game has, as the name implies, Luigi as the main character. The game takes place during the events of Super Mario Land. Nintendo has also announced that this will be the first installment in a "Super Luigi Adventure" series.


The game plays like any old sidescrolling platformer. The high jump technique from Super Mario Bros. 2 returns, where you hold down on the directional pad. Luigi will start vibrating once the jump is ready to be pulled off. The game features 46 levels split into nine worlds, and 123 Star Coins. The ninth world has no collectable Star Coins - instead, Moon Coins are found here with the same purpose as New Super Mario Bros. 2. A multiplayer mode is available with a co-op, and versus mode. The second player is a Luigi with a Mario outfit. Both modes are played with both players in the same level at the same time (i.e. like NSMBWii).


  • A: Jump
  • B: Attack/run
  • D-pad: Move
  • C: Spin jump
  • Down: Go down pipes/Charge high jump
  • +: Pause
  • HOME: Go to home menu.


"While Mario was away fighting to save Daisy, Bowser, with the help of King Boo, launched an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom! Peach managed to evade capture, but the castle was overrun by Bowser’s minions. She ran to Mario’s house only to find that Luigi was there. Peach asked for Mario, but Luigi told her that he was in another kingdom. So Peach asked Luigi for his help, and thus he set out on an adventure to free the Mushroom Kingdom."


Level Theme
1-1 Land
1-2 Caves
1-3 Sky
1-4 Land
1-5 Castle
2-1 Desert
2-2 Ruins
2-3 Oasis
2-4 Desert
2-5 Airship
3-1 Underwater
3-2 Beach
3-3 Sky
3-4 Underwater
3-5 Castle
4-1 Forest
4-2 Forest
4-3 Caves
4-4 Forest
4-5 Airship
5-1 Snow
5-2 Land
5-3 Snow
5-4 Ice Cave
5-5 Castle
6-1 Sky
6-2 Land
6-3 Ghost
6-4 Sky
6-5 Airship
7-1 Land
7-2 Ghost
7-3 Athletic
7-4 Caves
7-5 Castle
8-1 Lava
8-2 Lava
8-3 Ghost
8-4 Ghost
8-5 Castle
8-6 Final Castle
9-1 (80 Star Coins) Land
9-2 (90 Star Coins) Underwater
9-3 (100 Star Coins) Desert
9-4 (110 Star Coins) Castle
9-5 (123 Star Coins) Land

*: The number of Star Coins in parentheses denotes how many Star Coins it takes to unlock that level.


World # Name
1 Grassy Plains
2 Dusty Desert
3 Sunny Resort
4 Toxic Forest
5 Snowy Wonderland
6 Cloudy Skies
7 Koopa Fields
8 Lava Land
9 Star Hill



  • Luigi


  • Peach
  • Toads


  • Bowser (Final Boss)
  • King Boo (8-5)
  • Goomboss (World 1)
  • Mummipokey (World 2)
  • Spike Eel (World 3)
  • Chomp-Chomp (World 4)
  • Fry Guy (World 5)
  • Lakithunder (World 6)
  • Bowser Jr. (World 7)

*: The world number in parentheses is the world in which the character is fought.

Name Image Effect
Mushroom 75px Turns Luigi into Super Luigi
Fire Flower 75px Allows Luigi to shoot fireballs.
Carrot Carrot Allows Luigi to float.
Ice Flower 137px-IceFlowerSME Allows Luigi to shoot snowballs that freeze enemies and the top of water.
Hammer Flower Hammer Flower SMEv Allows Luigi to shoot hammers.
Missile Mushroom Missile Mushroom Allows Luigi to shoot homing missiles.
Bullet Blaster (new!) -Bullet launcher top Allows Luigi to briefly shoot Bullet Bills.
Super Star Rainbowstar Provides Luigi with invincibility.
Yoshi Egg 75px Allows Luigi to ride Yoshi, who can flutter jump and eat enemies.