Super Luigi 3D World is a platform game and Luigi is once again the main character. This game has new features such the new levels, new characters, new enemies, and more.


Just like in Super Mario 3D World's intro, Mario, Luigi, and Peach are walking with Daisy and Captain Toad while looking at the night sky filled with fireworks. They walk over to the clear pipe they went in last time and tell Daisy about the pipe and where it goes. Suddenly, when Daisy looks in the pipe, she moves out of the way quickly. The green sprixie comes out of the pipe and tells them that her that the sprixie princesses are being captured again. Mario says that it was probably Bowser. She nodded her head and said that whoever did it was round and white. Also, that person took over Bowser's castle and defeated Bowser.

Suddenly, the pipe turned to a darkish purple and out came Bowser and Bowser Jr. in pain. Then, King Boo comes out of the pipe and captures the sprixie. Mario jumps up and tries to same her, but misses and falls in the pipe. Peach does it too and falls in. While King Boo laughs, Bowser wakes up and gets real mad and roars at the ghost. King Boo goes in the pipe and Bowser goes in to get his revenge and get his castle back. Bowser Jr. wakes up and notices his father went in the pipe. He jumps in to catch up with him. Luigi, Daisy, and Captain Toad jump in the pipe to help defeat King Boo.

When they make it to the sprixie kingdom, they see Mario, Peach, and Bowser in front of the castle. They see the green sprixie on the castle crying for help. Bowser goes in the castle for his revenge and Mario and Peach go in and assist him. However, a big noise comes from the castle. Mario, Peach, and Bowser shout for help. Luigi, Daisy, Captain Toad, and Bowser Jr. head in to level 1.


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