Super Luigi 3D

The beta box art.

Super Luigi 3D is a upcoming 3DS game that is being released in 2012 and stars luigi as the main character as he goes out to save the world from walauigi also Luigi metts new friends as well.


One Night Luigi has a nightmare that Dasiy gets captured by Waluigi and his team then when Luigi wakes up he finds out that his nightmare was real so Luigi goes to find Mario and Yoshi but also he finds Ropes (Yoshi's nephew) and Stanley (Mario and Luigi long lost brother) and when he asks Mario and Yoshi for help they say yes and Ropes and Stanley want to join in as well and then Peach comes along and says she will also help on Luigi's quest.

Good characters Bad characters
Luigi Waluigi
Yoshi King Boo
Stanley Boo
Ropes Wart
Daisy Bowser
Peach Bowser Jr
Mario Goomba
Luma Piranha Plant
Rosalina Petey Piranha
Koopa Boomerang Bro
Professor E.Gadd Bomb Bro
Toad Hammer Bro

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