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Super Luigi is a game for the WiiS. Super Luigi is the fourth game in the Luigi series, the other being Mario is Missing, Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Super luigi logo


The evil alien Tatanga returns to Sarasa Land to marry Daisy but finds that King Alastor Boo has already taken control of the land and kidnapped Daisy, Tatanga teams up with King Boo and its up to Luigi/Waluigi to stop them.



  • Luigi - can swim faster
  • Waluigi- has a higher jump and speed


  • Alastor - the King of Boos and Luigi's arch nemesis
  • Tatanga - Alastor's right hand man and the alien leader


  • Toad - gives hints to player
  • Link - cameos in background of Muda Ocean fighting Octoroks
  • Princess Daisy - the damsel in distress, kidnapped by Alastor and Tatanga
  • Mario - cameos in ending
  • Wario - cameos in ending



Luigi only

  • Invisible Luigi - turns Luigi invisible (can still see outlines of character)

Waluigi only





  • Luigi and Waluigi's first game together
  • Mario and Wario cameo at the end
  • King Boo uses his Luigi's Mansion design

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