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Super Lemmykoopa24 Strikers is a sports game for the Nintendo GameCube and the fourth game in the Lemmykoopa24 Series. It features several characters from the Lemmykoopa24 series in a soccer tournament for the Valley Cup. While the most of the captains are not from the Lemmykoopa24 series, they are all characters that were made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc).


One summer day, Lemmykoopa24 and Dupmal were having a shoot-out contest to see who could get more goals in 10 shots. Dupmal was about to kick the ball. He took a step back, then flew towards the ball and smacked it with his foot. It went flying through the air and just missed Lemmykoopa24's diving form. Dupmal did a victory jump as he had gotten more points than LK24 by 3. They were about to leave the field when a piece of paper landed on LK24's face. He took it off and he looked at it and Dupmal looked over his shoulder. It was a challenge from Harley B. Koopa. He said that he challenged one and all to a 12-game soccer tournament. Dupmal and Lemmykoopa24 were up to it and took off for Harley's mountain. They arrived along with McBones, Tommy the Penguin, Commander Nova, Cyber Koopa and NintendoZero. The gate opened up and they stepped inside. Suddenly, the gate shot closed behind them. Harley then approached them and asked who would like to go first. Lemmykoopa24 walked up and challenge Harley. Harley nodded and they walked off for the soccer field.


Gameplay is like that of Super Mario Strikers, but you can pull off more acrobatic shots and mega-strikes. You have 6 people on a team at once, 1 captain and 5 teammates. Each captain and teammate has their own special skill and stats. There are 4 sidekicks to choose from.



  • Lemmykoopa24 - Playmaker
  • Dupmal - Tricky
  • McBones - Defensive
  • Tommy the Penguin - Offensive
  • Commander Nova - Neutral
  • Cyber Koopa - Playmaker
  • Harley B. Koopa - Power
  • NintendoZero - Power
  • Harley's Mutant Strikers - The can all do Mega - Strikes - unlockable


  • Shy Bones - Neutral
  • Harling - Power
  • Toxlet - Playmaker
  • Nega Bones - Defensive


  • Harley's Battlefield - No gimmicks.
  • Omega Castle - Giant traps open up and attack players.
  • Dupmal's Fortress - The ball will sometimes float.
  • McBones' Grave - Tombstones will pop up.
  • Tommy's Iceberg - The terrain is slippery.
  • Warrior Island - Nova's friends will attack the players.
  • The Internet - The terrain changes every 30 seconds.

Mega - Strikes

  • Lemmykoopa24 - Gene Blast
  • Dupmal - Vanish Ball
  • McBones - Thunder Shot
  • Tommy the Penguin - Icy Pound
  • Commander Nova - Sword Smack
  • Cyber Koopa - Downloaded Shot
  • Harley B. Koopa - Mighty Strike
  • NintendoZero - Anti-Strike
  • Shy Bones - Cannon Blast
  • Harling - Zippy Shot
  • Toxlet - Poison Shot
  • Nega Bones - Nega Blast

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