Super Lemmy Wildcat 3
Developer(s) Gearupt Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) SNES
Release Date(s)

October 21, 1991

America October 30, 1991

Europe December 2, 1991

Australia April 8, 1992

Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platformer, Adventure
Series Super Lemmy Wildcat
Predecessor Super Lemmy Wildcat 2
Successor Super Lemmy Wildcat Jaguar

Super Lemmy Wildcat 3 is a Lemmy Wildcat platformer game for the SNES. The Game was released in America on October 30, 1991. This game is the Best selling in the series, with 20 million copies sold, and 1 million copies on the first day. The game was re-released on the Wii U eShop and the 3Ds eShop.


Lemmy W. and his Girlfriend, Martha, were traveling around Pet City to go for a picnic. They started setting up their Picnic, but then all of a sudden, they hear a rumble. The Rumble shakes them off the ground and leads them towards the Bark Clan. The Bark Clan has opened up a Portal which turns everything in its path to bone. It starts chasing Lemmy and Martha around until they get to Pet City. It starts sucking up everything and the civilians turn in to bone for the Bark Clan to Chew on. Lemmy W. Kicks the portal towards the sky. It slowly comes towards the City. Lemmy and his Girlfriend go off to close the Portal and Rescue Pet City.

After they Finally get to the BC HQ, they have to face off against Buller, the leader of the BC. The face off in a lava battle. Lemmy and His Girlfriend Beat him and he gets thrown into lava. Then the Portal comes close and they have to fight it. They finally beat it and it explodes. All of the Civilians come out as Themselves. They Unlock a New Dimension to go and Explore, the Bone Dimension.


Lemmy Wildcat: Lemmy Wildcat is the Main Protagonist of the game. He is adventurous, clumsy, and Really stupid at times.

Martha Tails: Martha is Lemmy's girlfriend, and the second main Protagonist. She is really careful about Lemmy and tries to do anything to help him.

Buller Terrier: Buller is the main Antagonist of the game. He wants to destroy the world with his portal and turn the civilians of Pet City to Bone.

Yago Wildcat: Yago is Lemmy's Son from the Future. He runs "Yago's Pit Stop" Which is the Shop. He also tells Lemmy about what happens in the future, like that he will get married to Martha, and that Buller will be in Jail forever.

Gracha the Snatcher: Gracha is Lemmy's friend who is also a Game Show Host. He runs "Gratcha's Circus" which you get to play Minigames on.

Steel Lizard III: Steel Lizard III is Steel Lizard Jr. (from Super Lemmy Wildcat 2)'s son. He Randomly pops up on levels in his King Chair with Bad Guys. You have to defeat the bad guys for him, and he will give you a reward.


The Game as received well positive reviews. IGN named it 7th in "Top 10 SNES Games". ScrewAttack also put it on their "Top 10 SNES Games". GameInformer gave it a 9 out of 10 on their Retro Games Issue saying "It brings delight when you first pick up the controller. You start to see a lot of colors and you know it will be good". Metacritic holds it with a 92 rating.