Super Leaf Studios
Super Leaf Studios Logo
Type of Company Game software and Hardware
Founder(s) Unknown
Founded at/in January 25, 1991 (as Autumn Weather Development)
Owner(s) Legomaps
No. of Employee(s) Around 250

Super Leaf Studios is a fanon Game Development company founded by an Unidentified former Nintendo Employee in 1991, but administered by Legomaps since 2012. It primarily produces games for the Mario franchise.


Super Leaf Studios was founded in 1991 as Autumn Weather Development, after a Nintendo Employee left Nintendo. Its first game was set to be published in 1993, but was cancelled, along with most of its other early titles. It rose to fame after forming a partnership with Nintendo in 2001, also acquiring the rights to produce games for the Mario Franchise. Shortly after, its mysterious founder Retired. It would go on to help produce many popular Mario Games, and help develop the Wii, Wii U, DS, and 3DS. On its 21st anniversary in 2012, Legomaps became the Owner, and announced a major restructuring of the company, renaming it to Mega Mushroom Dev, and later that year to Super Leaf Studios. Also, It began producing more of its own Mario Games. In June 2013, It released its first console, the LeafBox. Its first Nintendo co-developed console, the Nintendo FutureX, was released in March 2016. In June 2016, Super Leaf Studios appeared at the Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive for the first time.

Games Produced

Name Platforms Date of Release Notes
New Super Mario Bros. Reloaded Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo FutureX March 12, 2016 (3DS), April 5, 2016 (FutureX)
New Super Mario Bros.: The Ultimate Challenge Nintendo FutureX, LeafBox 2 November 19, 2016 (LeafBox 2), TBA 2017 (FutureX)
LEGO Racers 3 PC, Nintendo FutureX, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS September 27, 2016 (Home Consoles and PC), October 8, 2016 (3DS) Creative Consultant and Publisher
LEGO Super Mario Bros. Nintendo FutureX, Wii U, 3DS, Nintendo Switch January 2017 (Wii U, 3DS, FutureX), May 2017 (Switch) Co-Developed With TT Games
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Nintendo FutureX, Nintendo Switch September 26, 2016 (FutureX), June 2017 (Switch)
LEGO City Undercover 2 LeafBox 2, Nintendo FutureX November 19, 2016 Co-Developed With TT Games

Consoles Produced

Name Generation Date of Release
LeafBox 8th Generation June 15, 2013
Nintendo FutureX 9th Generation March 20, 2016
LeafBox 2 9th Generation November 19, 2016

Original Franchises

Cinematic Universe

Super Leaf Studios has its own cinematic universe, called the Leafverse.

Super Leaf Direct

Super Leaf Direct is Super Leaf Studios' Equivalent of Official Nintendo Directs.




Legomaps's Favorite Powerup in New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the Super Leaf, which led to the renaming of this company in 2012.

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