Hello, and Welcome to the June 2016 Super Leaf Direct. I have lots of News that I forgot to mention at Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive 2016, so Let's get started!

First, I regret to announce that The LeafBox will be Discontinued effective January 1, 2017. Not to fear, the LeafBox 2, which was codenamed "Project Hatteras", is coming on November 19, 2016. Let's talk about what is Involved in this console.

LeafBox 2

This is an ordinary home console, unlike our co-developed hybrid, the Nintendo FutureX. However, it is designed to interact with The FutureX, PCs, and Mobile Devices using our FutureLynk System. This means that cross-platform Digital titles can be transferred from FutureX to the LeafBox 2. It also has VR capabilities, though it is not at all centered around them. It has power about halfway between the Playstation 4 and a Gaming PC, making it a very powerful system. More info coming in Part 2 of this Super Leaf Direct!!

The LeafBox 2 will have several launch titles, many of which will also be available on the Nintendo FutureX. Let's go over some of those launch titles.

LEGO City Undercover 2

At long last, TT Games, Super Leaf Studios, and Nintendo bring the sequel to the 2013 Wii U game LEGO City Undercover. Set one year after the events of the first game, another crime wave has been unleashed in LEGO City, and It's up to Now Senior Police Officer Chase McCain to Put an end to it. This game will feature two-player support, Unlike the first.

LEGO City Undercover 2, coming November 19, 2016 to the LeafBox 2 and Nintendo FutureX.

New Super Mario Bros. The Ultimate Challenge

This game is the largest, most challenging, longest, and most expansive New Super Mario Bros. Game released to date. With 64 worlds (32 Normal, 32 Special), this game is guaranteed to take a while to complete. It contains most powerups, enemies, items, and other objects from all previous Mario Platformers, 2D and 3D. It will initially only be released on the LeafBox 2, but a Nintendo FutureX port will be released a few months later.

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