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Super Koopaling World is a Wii U game made by Koopompany.


Larry Koopa
Modern Larry Koopa (SMB3 style)
Morton Koopa Jr
Modern Morton Koopa Jr. (SMB3 style)
Complete World 1
Wendy O. Koopa
Modern Wendy O. Koopa (SMB3 style)
Complete World 2
Iggy Koopa
Modern Iggy Koopa (SMB3 style)
Complete World 3
Roy Koopa
Modern Roy Koopa (SMB3 style)
Complete World 4
Lemmy Koopa
Modern Lemmy Koopa (SMB3 style)
Complete World 5
Ludwig Von Koopa
Modern Ludwig von Koopa (SMB3 style)
Complete World 6
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. (SMB3 style)
Complete World 7


  • World 1: Acorn Plains
  • World 2: Quicksand Dozing Desert
  • World 3: Tropical Falls
  • World 4: Ice Land
  • World 5: Giant Jungle
  • World 6: Pipe World
  • World 7: Sky City
  • World 8: Mario's Lair


  • Dark Larry: The mid-boss of World 1
  • Tech-Toad: The boss of World 1
  • Dark Morton: The mid-boss of World 2
  • Nice Koopa: The b oss of World 2
  • Dark Wendy: the mid-boss of World 3
  • Luigi: The boss of World 3
  • Dark Iggy: The mid-boss of World 4
  • Mallow: The boss of World 4
  • Dark Roy: The mid-boss of World 5
  • Robo-Jr. The boss of World 5
  • Dark Bowser: the airship boss of World 5
  • Dark Lemmy: The mid-boss of World 6
  • Geno: The boss of World 6
  • Dark Ludwig: The mid-boss of World 7
  • Robot Mallow: The boss of World 7
  • Luigi in Bowser's Car: The airship boss of World 7
  • All Dark Koopalings in a Clown Car: The midboss of World 8
  • Mario: The boss of World 8

Koopalings Minons

  • Larry: Goombas
  • Morton: Pokey
  • Wendy: Cheep Cheep
  • Iggy: Cooligan
  • Roy: Bramballs
  • Lemmy: Pipe Koopas
  • Ludwig: Bob-bombs
  • Bowser Jr.: Mecha-Koopas

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