An NSMB style game involving the Koopalings.

The box art


The Koopalings find out that Bowser and Ludwig are kidnapped by Dark Toad, an evil fire-breathing version of a regular toad. They decide to go find them. At the same time Mario, Luigi and Peach are kidnapped by Dark Toad too and Dark Toad hypnotizes all of Bowser's minions so the Koopalings can't find them. They also decide to save Mario and his friends too (surprisingly).

Playable Characters

You can switch between Koopalings during gameplay and on the map. All of them can grapple onto certain blocks with their wands.

Koopaling Ability
Larry Koopa Can jump high.
Morton Koopa Jr. Can dash really fast.
Lemmy Koopa Can roll on his ball.
Wendy O. Koopa Can throw hoops.
Roy Koopa Can ground pound.
Iggy Koopa Can hover in mid-air.
Ludwig von Koopa (locked) Can spin in his shell.
Bowser Jr. (locked) Can shoot fireballs.
Dry Bowser Jr. (locked) Heals every 50 seconds


World         Fortress Boss Castle Boss         Shopkeeper
Grass Land Dark Toad Jr. Robo Dark Toad Toadsworth
Beach Land  Boom Boom Super Boom Boom Birdo
Jungle Land Cheepskipper Donkey Kong Yoshi
Desert Land Sumo Bro. Mummipokey Pokey 
Sky Land Pipe Lakitu Super Lakitu Fly Guy
Ice Land Ice Koopa Ice Piranha Penguin
Stone Land Monty Tank Petey Piranha Shy Guy
Volcano Land Dry Boom Boom Dry Dark Toad Dry Bones
Space Land Dark Luma Robo Dark Toad Jr. Luma
Dark Toad's Lair Dark Toad Jr. Dark Toad Big Boo

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