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Super Koopa Maker

Super Koopa Maker

Super Koopa Maker is a game for the Nintendo DS5. It was released on December 4, 2015 in America, and Decmeber 8, 2015 in Japan, Europe, and Australia. It's like the Wii U's Super Mario Maker, put Koopa is the main character. 

Release Date(s)

America: December 4, 2015

Europe: December 8, 2015

Japan: December 8, 2015

Australia: December 8, 2015

System Nintendo DS5
Series Mario Maker 
Genre D.I.Y.
Publisher Nintendo

Playable Characters

100px-KoopaTroopa MP9
Koopa Default
Goomba Default
Charger Chuck
Chargin Chuck Make 30 courses
300px-Koopalings - New Super Mario Bros U
Koopalings Get a total of 65 stars
Bowser jr render by lucas zero-d7ymz6l
Bowser Jr. Upload 20 courses
Bowser Get a total of 125 stars




Fire Mario
Tanooki Mario
Cat Mario
Ice Mario
Frog Mario
Hammer Mario
Penguin Mario
Propeller Mario
Squirrel Mario
Raccoon Mario
Light Box Mario
Cape Mario
Hero Car Mario
Green Mario
Gold Mario

Metal Mario

Dog Mario
Dog Mario
Baby Mario
Wiggler Mario
Cheep Chario
Shy Guy Mario
Dry Mario
Angry Sun

Stage Layouts

  • Ground
  • Underground
  • Desert
  • Sky
  • Desert
  • Mountain
  • Ice

Trophy Store

All Enemies

All Enemy trophies cost 1 star each

  • Koopa - Buy for 3 Stars
  • Goomba - Buy For 3 Stars
  • Squiggler - Buy for 5 stars
  • Chargin Chuck - Buy for 7 stars
  • Koopalings - Buy for 10 stars
  • Bowser Jr. - Buy for 12 Stars
  • Bowser - Buy for 15 stars

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