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Super Koopa Gang is a Platformer/RPG for the Nintendo GameCube and the first installment in the Super Koopa Gang series. It is also the first game to feature the Half RPG sequence. The game works like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but is much different.


Mario is tired of Bowser constantly kidnapping Princess Peach so he devises a plan to defeat him once and for all. Mario begins his plan by trying to get Fawful to help him in his plan. Fawful is very reluctant but eventually agreed when Mario told him he could keep everything he controlled during the process. Mario then orders a bunch of Toads to steal Lakitu clouds and prepare for the attack. The Toads then fly to Bowser's Castle and take out bombs, then they start throwing the bombs at the castle and it eventually crumbles. Bowser is enraged and orders all his military to attack them, but he soon realized that Fawful had hypnotized all of his minions. Bowser is then captured and defeated. But 5 of his minions survived the attack and started a journey to rescue their leader.


The controls mostly work like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. You use left and right to move, A Button to jump, etc. The only thing different is that you have HP instead of decreasing of power-ups. When an enemy attacks you, you take a certain amount of damage depending on the enemy. When you attack an enemy, they will be defeated the way Mario would defeat an enemy in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. You will always have 30 HP and each character can do actions that are unique to them. You use the L and R buttons to switch the current leader, the other 4 will follow the current leader, defeat enemies and generally solve whatever puzzles they can.


Koopa Kid

The supposed leader of the group, he is the strongest of the 5 and can punch and break large rocks and other obstacles. He can also light candles and fuses with his fire breath. However, he cannot breath fire when underwater or hold his breath for very long. He is also unable to jump because of his weight, but he can activate Koopa Gimmicks and pilot vehicles.

Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro. is both strong and agile. He can throw hammers to activate switches and is immune to fire, he can also jump very high. However, he cannot swim due to his armor and is easily overwhelmed in close combat. He is able to activate screws and bolts with his hammer, but he cannot run fast.

Dry Bones

Dry Bones is unique in many ways. Like Hammer Bro., he can throw bones to activate switches and is immune to both fire and lava. He is able to slowly restore HP and is unable to go into brightly lit areas. But his weakness is water, he cannot swim and he will take damage if he touches water. He is able to jump, but it is not very high.


Blooper is the terrain specialist. He can jump, but it is lower than Dry Bones'. He can also hide in background such as bushes and coral. He can move fast on land, but he can move very, very fast in water. He is able to stay underwater for as long as he wants and can swim better than anybody else.


Boo isn't very vulnerable. He is able to float in the air as long as he wants without descending but he cannot enter brightly lit rooms. He can also phase through special walls and hold his breath for a long time. He cannot hold his breath forever, and only has one attack. He can only attack by using his Floating Stomp, he can also carry Dry Bones to high places but cannot carry anyone else.


(coming soon)


(coming soon)

Secret Characters

Ice Bro.

Ice Bro. is very vulnerable. He can be shattered and melted. However, he can freeze enemies to make steps. He can jump very high and belly slide on slippery surfaces. He is also very slow. He does not slip on ice.


Penguin is similiar to Ice Bro., except isn't as vulnerable. He cannot freeze enemies, but he is fast and can flutter in the air for a short time. If he is jumped on he is immobile. If he is moving when jumped on he cannot stop moving. He can belly slide into enemies to kill them. His jumps don't kill enemies. He doesn't slip on ice either.

Buzzy Beetle

Buzzy Beetle is similiar to a Koopa. He can't be hurt by fire. If Ice Bro. is the leader he will protect him from fiery attacks. Enemies have to jump on his shell to kick it off, then he will be hurt. If the shell is on, he is invincible. He can be frozen no matter what. He can go into smaller spaces then most characters.


Goomba is very vulnerable. Although he has 30 HP, he takes 10 damage if attacked with a jump. However, he can grow wings and fly above some enemies. He can go into holes like Buzzy Beetle. When he is in the air, enemies have to jump on his head so he loses his wings. He can also rocket down on the enemies like Boo.

Dark Bones

Dark Bones is basically the same as Dry Bones, but can throw his projectiles farther and is slower.

Dark Boo

Dark Boo is basically the same as Boo, but can fly faster and can't attack enemies.

Monty Mole

Monty Mole is the fastest of all the characters but has bad traction. He can also hide underground and throw wrenches at enemies, but he can't jump or swim.

Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant is rather slow, but can spit fireballs and eat enemies. He can also hide in his rolling pipe and will be invincible until he comes out. He can't move while he's in his pipe, though.


One of the best characters in the game, Magikoopa can cast spells on enemies to defeat them and teleport around the course. If his magic blasts hit blocks, they will turn into a random, helpful item. However, he cannot swim and is quite slow. He cannot jump far, but he can jump quite high.

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