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Super Kirby Lover7485 the Hedghog

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Super Kirby Lover7485 the Hedgehog ia a game that is released on June 4, 1992.


Nazo is creating a factory to stop Kirby Lover7485 in his path.


  • Kirby Lover7485
  • Nazo
  • Kirby
  • Metal Nazo


  • Intro Zone
  • Waterfall Area Zone
  • Ice Cream Mountain Zone
  • Night City Zone
  • Bomb Castle Zone
  • Magma Lair Zone
  • Pirate Zone
  • Outer Space Zone
  • Nazo's Starship Zone


  • Mecha Woods
  • Aquaina
  • Ice Screamer
  • Coper Choper
  • King Bomb
  • Magman
  • Captain Metal
  • Star Ship
  • Nazo

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