Super Jump Punch is Luigi and Mario's Up Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It has the exact same function as it did in previous SSB games. Mario jump ups diagonally with more vertical range than horizontal; if the attack strikes an opponent during the jump, coins fly out of the opponent and receives up to 12% damage.

Super Jump Punch used by Mario.

Luigi's Super Jump Punch works differently than Mario's. It only deals 1 point of damage, and only makes a character flinch very slightly. However, if the attack's sweetspot hits a character, it becomes a powerful Fire Jump Punch which deals around 25% damage with high knockback and can KO an opponent at 70% damage
Luigi jump punch

Luigi's Super Jump Punch when sweetspoted.

or higher.


NES - Super Mario Bros. (1985)


  • Super Jump Punch later inspire a company of the same name, made by TheShinyMew (tbc) in 2010.

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