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Super Harry Potter VS Mario X is a crossover fighting game featuring Harry Potter and Mario characters. It will be released for the Wii U in 2015.


Gameplay will be similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, but instead of a two dimensional battlefield, battles will be on a three dimensional battlefield. For Harry Potter characters, abilities are mainly based on magic, and for Mario characters, abilities are based on items.


There will be a total of twenty-four characters. Italics denotes unlockable.

Harry Potter universe

Name Description Tier
Harry Potter TBA
Ron Weasley TBA
Hermione Granger TBA
Albus Dumbledore TBA
Lord Voldemort Voldemort attacks using dark magic, mainly the unforgivable curses. He can produce several blasts of dark magic that will surround the player and slow them down, use the Cruciatus curse to deal a lot of damage, the Imperius curse to blast a player in any direction, and the Killing curse to deal a lot of damage, but the must be charged.
Draco Malfoy TBA
Neville Longbottom TBA
Severus Snape Snape, being the potions master for most of his time at Hogwarts, uses potion-based attacks. He can consume Felix Felicis which will give him a few lucky hits. In addition, he can throw poisonous potions at opponents, which will stall them. He can also perform some dark magic similar to Voldemort.
Luna Lovegood TBA
Lucius Malfoy TBA
Bellatrix Lestrange TBA
Minerva McGonagall TBA

Mario universe

Name Description Tier
Mario TBA
Luigi TBA
Yoshi TBA
Peach TBA
Bowser TBA
Rosalina TBA
Donkey Kong TBA
Bowser Jr. TBA
Wario TBA
Toad TBA
Kamek TBA
Metal Mario TBA


Harry Potter universe

Mario universe

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