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Super Happy Face World is the sixth game in the Malicious (series). It is actually a hack of Super Mario World.


  • Angry Face: Grabbing this angry face makes Happy Face angry!!!
  • Fang Flower: Grabbing this gives Happy Face longer fangs. Use them to shoot fire!
  • Leaf: Grabbing this gives Happy Face a cape for... some... reason.
  • Dot: Returning from Pac-Happy Face. Worth one point.
  • Power Pellet: Returning from Pac-Happy Face. Get five for a 1-Up Face.
  • 1-Up Face: You get one of these when you get 5 power pellets or 100 dots.
  • Amulet of Yendor: Cameo from the Hack series. Collect it for 3 1-Up Faces! Usually guarded by Rodney.
  • Goal Post: The end of the level.
  • Checkpoint: The middle of the level.
  • Block: Bump it for stuff.

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