Super Goombario is the first game in the Goombario & Kooigi series. It is being created by Outer Inc..


Image Name Description Special Abilities How to unlock
Goombario NSMBDIY Goombario A Goomba with a hat. And the main playable character. He has found out Goombella has been kidnapped and is adventuring to save her. He has the Star Spin ability. Default


Image Name Description Rarity
FireGoombario Fire Goombario Goombario can now breath fire balls. common
IceGoombario Ice Goombario Goombario can now breath ice balls. common
ThunderGoombario Thunder Goombario Goombario can now breath thunder balls. common
SandGoombario Sand Goombario Goombario is now a sand tornado. uncommon


Image Name Description Difficulty
Gloombario Gloombario A Gloomba with a hat. And the main villain. He has captured Goombella. *

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