Super Georgette Mario is a 2019 game for the Wii U.

Super Georgette Mario
Super georgette mario title
the Title card
Developer(s) Cassie Moats
Publisher(s) Cassie Moats
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
September 21st 2019
Single Player, Muliplayer
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone 10+, 12 rating
Genre(s) Platform/Puzzle
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc


With the Mario Bros away at a tennis tournament, there niece Georgette is left incharge of there house but she gets a emergency note from a unknown planet called planet Rambo so she and her friends Gigi and Perry go to Rambo and meets a colored human called a Rainian and it told her about the problem, a mastermind named Vivian a grey skined Cruella DeVille haired Rainian who was once the princess until a freak accident turned her evil, so after taking a good view of Rambo and learns the color is draining from the land, Georgette and her friends decide to help the Rainian's stop Vivian and save Rambo.


Georgette is assisted by three characters during the course of her Rambo rescue mission. her hair ties functions as the player's health meter and assists the player in gathering sparks; Gigi is a playable character in certain levels. Also aiding Georgette is Perry, who teaches the player game mechanics and is a playable character at special racing levels. The other playable character is Pattie, a pink Rainian who was Vivian's assistant until the freak accident. The primary antagonist of the game is Vivian, the former Rambo princess who rules over the Inkian's (her forces).

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