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Super Fawful Adventure
Amer box
Developer(s) Color Wheel Studios. inc
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Release Date(s)
May 25th, 2013
Single mode and Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10 + up
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Media Included disc
"Huzzah! I have the killing of you zombies of dumbness! Fawful has bravery!"

Super Fawful Adventure is a 2013 game for the Xbox 360. It stars Fawful as the main character and is the first installment of the Fawful Adventure series. It got an E 10 and up rating due to violence, animated blood,  and mild language.


Fawful is first seen in a blank world with nothing in it. He explains that the reason he's there is because he had to save the world from himself by going through Alternate Dimensions. He begins at the start of his story in his house with Cackletta, where he says his life is happy and he had everything he could need, but didn't know it then, as he wanted to become the ruler of the world. While trying to build a new machine, he accidentally broke it, resulting in an energy ball that shot him into a dimension of horrific zombies led by Zombie Mario. After hiding from them, a mysterious figure gives him clues to find mechanical parts to build a ray gun. Fawful builds the ray gun and uses it to kill the zombies. The figure turns out to be Noah Koopa, who thanks Fawful for saving his land by joining him on his quest to go home. They go to a genderswapped world and meet Bowsie, Fururuella, Bowsie Jr, Laura, Mortina, Wendell, Izzy, Joyce, Emmy and Ludia, who are avoiding thier homes being destroyed by Maria and Luigia. Noah and Fawful fight the sises, ultimately defeating them. Bowsie Jr. decides to help them get home, as she's always wanted to see another dimension. They go to the land of the monsters, where everyone is a monster. Fawful kills a monster that spits out the Dark Star, which turns Fawful into Dark Fawful. Dark Fawful wants to destroy all dimensions, so Noah and Bowsie go back in time to stop this from happening. They take Fawful to a dimension of candy. He eats too much and gets drunk, then goes insane and creates a Robot Troopa that takes them to Robot Waterfall where Robot Bowser kills Fawful. Noah brings him back to life and then they go into outer space where Blechork, king of the aliens, tries to eat them. Fawful destroys it, but then he is made king and becomes miserable, realizing he had everything he wanted until he lost it. Demanding to return to his world, he makes a mistake, and goes to the same dimension as Dark Fawful, who has cast the universe into chaos. Fawful destroys him, but shoots himself into a world of nothingness, if Dark Fawful had won. He says that the grass is always greener and prepares to destroy himself with the ray gun, when Noah and Bowsie Jr save him, and they go home.


Image Character Description


Fawful is the Hero and main character of the game. He uses his ray gun to blast enemies. He can also jump, stomp, and punch. When he gets the hover power up, he gains the ability to fly using his hovering platform.
Noah Koopa Noah Koopa is a koopa from the zombie dimension. He wants to help Fawful. He is only playable in Multiplayer Mode, where he can use his strength for super punches and can run faster than other players. However, he is poor at jumping.
Bowsie Koopa The genderswapped version of Bowser Jr, she has most powers similar to him, as she carries a pink paintbrush and can use it to destroy enemies. She can also use her claws to swipe at enemies. She is only playable in Multiplayer Mode.
Cackletta Although she only makes an appearance in the beggining and end, Cackletta was said to be very important to Fawful, as she raised him. She is only playable in Multiplayer mode, where she uses magic and claws similar to Bowsie Jr.}
Zombie Mario Zombie Mario is the leader of the zombies. He kept Noah Koopa a prisoner until Fawful overthrew him and turned the zombies back into the Koopas they once were. He attacks with an ax and hammer he uses to attack Fawful with. After his defeat, he turns into a fly.
Maria and Luigia Maria and Luigia are the genderswapped versions of Mario and Luigi. They are the exact opposite of their male counterparts, they are mean, greedy, sassy, and self-centered. Luigia is the most powerful one. The sisters fight Fawful when he tries to take back Bowsie's Palace. Maria attacks with Mega Mushrooms that she uses to grow giant and crush Fawful. Luigia fights with a mallet.
Monster King The Monster King is the ruler of Monster World who ate the Dark Star when it exploded during the events of Bowser's Inside Story. He is massive compared to other monsters and has the abilities to spit poison, fire, and can also grab rocks and throw them at Fawful. When defeated, he explodes and vomits the Dark Star.
Robot Troopa Robot Troopa is the robot Fawful built when he got drunk from eating too much candy. The robot turned on him and brought the party o Robot Waterfall, a metal waterfall were the machine battles Fawful. It can fire Bullet Bills from the cannons on its shell and can even boost into the air, and then pounce on Fawful. He explodes after defeat.
Blechork Blechork is the king if the alien tribe the crew landed in when Robot Troopa exploded, shooting them into space. He does not let anyone on the planet, so he battles Fawful, attacking by biting, breathing fire, slicing with his fin, and stomping on the ground. After Fawful wins, the other Blechs crown him king, but he feels sad, so he asks that he and his friends return home.
Dark Fawful Dark Fawful is Fawful when he was infected by the Dark Star. He is crueler, smarter, darker, and more powerful than Fawful and went to destroy the universe but was stopped by Fawful when he went forward in time. He fights using extremely powerful magic blasts and uses armies of Dark Koopas to attack and also uses fire, poison, Bob-ombs and monsters. Once defeated, he exploded, destroying everything in the dimension, leaving Fawful alone with nothing until Noah and Bowsie Jr. Came to rescue him. They then returned home to their own dimensions, and Fawful realized his life was already perfect.



Dude, you're a hero. I don't care if your insane, you freakin' saved my life.
Noah Koopa

What the shell are you doing, Bowsie? Get your butt here now!

They have the saying... the grass of grassyness... always has more green.

I'm going to crush you, you imp.


Fawful's House- Fluttershy' Fighting Theme

Zombie World- Banshee Boardwalk Theme

Genderswapped World- Mario Galaxy OST #6- Into the Galaxy

Monster World- Mario 64 Bowser Theme death metal cover

Candy World- Tart Top theme

Robot Waterfall- Discord (Eurobeat Brony & The Living Tombstone) EXTENDED Karaoke

Blechork Planet- Super Mario Galaxy 2 Music - Gobblegut

Dark Fawful Battle- Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story final boss theme