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  • "It's time for a new adventure!" - Unten in the starting of the game.
  • "Do you can stop dancing?" - Unten meeting Stepanni.
  • "You looks creepier... I liked." - Unten meeting Rosado.
  • "A turtle?, wow." - Unten meeting Terry the Koopa.
  • "You look familiar, you are a sister of a certain italian plumber?" - Unten meeting Jen.
  • "So... you are a ghost? If you is a ghost why you don't escape using your ghost-boo skills?" - Unten meeting TaBooki.
  • "Great, a kamikaze ghost." - Unten meeting Bombell.
  • "You looks like a E.T." - Unten meeting Lucazs.
  • "So, you have a sword?" - Unten meeting Hayden and Aiden.
  • "HELLO, MISTER ROBOBO!" - Unten meeting Meta-Form.
  • "You are a Pikachu? Tell me how I talk on your language?" - Unten meeting Kaichu.
  • "You are a cat or a robot?" - Unten meeting Meowbot.
  • "So... do you use ducks?" - Unten meeting Woofbot.
  • "???" - Unten meeting Swiss.
  • "Here, a example of a good hero." - Unten meeting NinJon.
  • "Oh my god, A DRAGON!" - Unten before the Molgar's boss fight.
  • "Let's dance, baby." - Unten before the Exil's boss fight.
  • "Game and Cube!" - Unten before the Kube's boss fight.
  • "Wow, you looks like more creepier than Rosado." - Unten before the Valdrik's boss fight.
  • "You are a bad version of Nyan Cat?" - Unten before the Master Coloura's boss fight.
  • "Let me show, What I'm made of now." - Unten before The Enemy's boss fight.
  • "This adventure make me remeber from a person which I meet sometimes a go, he was a nice guy, he looks like a plumber." - Unten in the game ending.

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