Super Fantendo RPG: Secret of the Soul Stars is a 2015 crossover RPG platformer hybrid developed by Unversed Entertainment. Described as a love letter to the Fantendoverse and other Fantendo content as well as Super Mario RPG, the game focuses on a self contained story relating to the insane mage known as Soul Stealer's quest to collect the Soul Stars. Planning and sign-ups are located here.


The game is a platformer/RPG. In the field, players include a character, using their unique abilities to traverse an isometric area. Players solve puzzles, go from area to area, buy items and accessories, and more. When contacting an enemy in the field, battle begins. The order is determined by SPD(Speed).

Players use physical attacks and special attacks. Every party member can use a Punch without a weapon, but they can also use Weapons to attack in more powerful and different ways. The goal is to deplete the HP(Hit Points) of the foe before they deplete the HP of all party members. They can also use Special Attacks, which drain BP(Beorn Points) for a special effect. Characters do damage based on ATK(Attack) and take it based on DF(Defense).

The main commands are Physical, Special, Flee, Items, and Defend. Flee, Items, and Defense are self explanatory. Players can equip Accessories in the field which add a special effect to that character in exchange for AP(Accessory Points). Upon collecting enough XP, party member's stats are increased, and at some milestones they'll earn new Special Attacks.

To increase the effect of an attack, or decrease the effect of a foe's attack, players can utilize Action Commands, small timed hits. Occasionally, players will get Critical Hits, which do double damage.


Fanten Town

Unten wakes up in a hospital, just as he is about to be operated on. Unten hops out of the hospital bed, to the sadness of Leah Needlenam, about to operate. She introduces herself and the town as Fanten Town. Remembering only that he has to save Zeon from Doomulus Grime, he heads to City Hall. Here, he meets Mayor Plumber. Having heard of Unten, he tells Unten that a cat-like creature appeared, telling Plumber to send Unten to her home if he ever woke. Knowing it to be Zerita, he follows the Mayor's map to Star Sanctuary, along with a gift: the Beorn Claws weapon.

At the border of Fanten Town, a firey woman attacks, revealing herself as the warrior princess Hama. She wishes to challenge the famous Unten to become stronger. Upon defeating Hama in a tutorial battle, she becomes enraged, swearing revenge and fleeing. He enters Star Sanctuary, where he battles various dark beasts, and finally reaches Mt. Starr, where Zerita is living as a recluse. She explains that near the end of their battles against Grime Corp, a mysterious assasin looking similar to Grime killed Unten. However, Zerita was able to pull through and win the war for now. Due to her nature, she felt it best to move to the peaceful place alone.

She also mentions a letter arriving through a dimensional portal one day, one of the most importance. She gives it to Unten, who begins to open it when the house is attacked by a heavy drill. Unten drops the letter into the fireplace and is shocked when three beasts storm the house. He defeats them, but they summon reinforcements, who prove to be too much for the hero. They steal Zerita and lock Unten inside the crumbling house.

Using his electrical powers, he escaped the house, but the villains were already gone. Unten tracks the villains down to a mining facility. He enters, to find that the villains are digging to reach the core of Star Sanctuary, where a Soul Star lies. Confused, Unten continues on, and finds Zerita trapped in a dungeon, about to be executed. Unten comes at the last second and defeats the Executioner. Releasing Zerita, she gives Unten a key she found. Unten continues onward, reaching the main drill. Putting in the key, he shuts off the drill, but they find that the Soul Star had already been dug up. The Soul Star shows Unten a vision, guiding him to Zeon, where he sees a gigantic smoggy factory and another Soul Star. Having no choice, Unten continues on with the first Soul Star.



Items and Accessories


Enemies and Bosses




Optional bosses are in italics, world bosses are in bold.

Image Stats Description
  • HP: 20
  • ATK: 2
  • DF: 0
  • SPD: 50


  • Flaming Dive(2)


Location: Fanten Town

The first battle and boss. Hama didn't expect for Unten to be so powerful after just awaking, and it shows. Four physical attacks will defeat Hama, or two Fanti Bounces. Her only attack is very weak.

Theexecutioner TBA





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