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Alliance Story

You wake up in the middle of a house. Henry the Moose helps you up. He tells you that you were attacked by the evil forces of PIKA. He asks you to join the Fantendo Alliance. You accept then you exit the house and begin your quest.

PIKA's Army Story

You wake up in your sleep chamber and get out of your bed. Then 4.13 appears in your chamber and tells you that PIKA has drafted you into his evil army. Then you and 4.13 teleport to PIKA's cyber fortress and begin your quest.

 Alliance Races


Classes: Warrior, Gunner, Mage, Rocker, Assasin


Classes: Mage, Elemental, Rocker, Assasin, Samurai

3.14 Clone

Classes: Warrior, Mage, Rocker, Assasin, Samurai

PIKA's Army Races


Classes: Warrior, Gunner, Elemental, Rocker, Samurai


Classes: Warrior, Mage, Rocker, Assasin, Samurai

4.13 Clone

Classes: Gunner, Mage, Elemental, Rocker, Assasin

Default Weapons


Melee Weapon: Laser Sword

Ranged Weapon: Blade Launcher


Melee Weapon: Plasma Dagger

Ranged Weapon: Laser SMG


Melee Weapon: Metal Staff

Ranged Weapon: Mystic Energy


Melee Weapon: Wooden Staff

Ranged Weapon: Element Blast


Melee Weapon: Flying-V

Ranged Weapon: Power of Rock


Melee Weapon: Energy Claws

Ranged Weapon: Spike Shooter


Melee Weapon: Katana

Ranged Weapon: Ninja Magic


Since the game is for the Wii and DS and is online you need Wi-Fi for it.

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