Super Fantendo Brawlers is a fighting game for 3DS and Wii U. The game is similiar to Super Smash Bros. series.


No planned yet...

Coming soon...

Starter Characters

If you want your own character here, give a comment and you'll have permission to edit.

Character Name Moveset Creator


No image added yet... Bombert ? BielGuy The Adventures of White
Weefly Weefly ? BielGuy Shy Guy Squad
TITAN Reptflux ? Sorastitch Lapisverse
White(AoW) White ? White the Popopo The Adventures of White
100px General Scotch ? Fandro General's Journey
DATA DATA ? SuperSonicDarkness KODE KID
Bowie finished Bowie ? Fandro BowieQuest
Fandrooooooooooo Fandro ? Fandro Fandro RPG
Lumalee2 Lumalee ? Lumoshi Lumoshi
Princess Lumi Princess Lumi ? YeeMeYee Cloudies
Mewshi New Mewshi ? Yoshifraga97 Mewshi the Dinocat
DannyAdventureDanny Danny ? GamingDylan Danny's Adventure

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